Next To Last, But Not In Packing

I ran out of tape and boxes, otherwise I would have packed up the house. I can’t stop myself. I packed up the good boxes, the bad boxes (I fixed them which used up tape), the big boxes, and the small boxes. If I could fit something into something else box shaped, I fit it. Sometimes like a well crafted puzzle other times like…what rhymes with pile of crap?

Thankfully for the other people living here I ran out of tape and boxes. I will get more tape and boxes.

Between boxes I…okay there was no between boxes.

Last night I worked on 500 Words the Book Version, its a working title. Have I mentioned how much I hate editing, especially the part where I find all of the mistakes I made. Well…those mistakes I know about. See, I scored next to last in my class in editing. Notice, not last. Next to last. This is an important distinction for me, because I was not last. However, you may have noticed that I am not the best with the comma and other small mistakes creep (or march) into my posts.

The posts I edited last night were marches of mistakes. I know posts here are rough drafts in my head, thus I do not beat myself up too much about the mistakes. I figure as long as the message gets through, mistakes are okay. Especially with my internal policy of revisiting posts to edit them. However, when I come across posts as bad as those last night I wonder why people don’t send me editing comments or “Uh…I tried to read your post, but quite honestly I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about. On the plus side, your mistakes made me laugh.”

Each page was awash in red ink. Think murder of words. I must have been in a hurry or having one of those fumble finger days where no matter what I want to type my fingers and the keyboard refuse to play together. I don’t know. What I do know is that I did not produce a good rough draft and I have more work than I thought just to get those posts up to snuff.

It could be worse. I could have not…wait. I am at a loss for how they could have been worse, because at one point I had to put down my pen, step back, come back, and try to figure out what I had been writing. I wrote the damn thing, shouldn’t I know? In the interest of preserving face, I will say no I shouldn’t know what I am writing, but between you and me I am lying.

Which is why I apologize for those really bad 500 Word posts that you may or may not have read, but will really enjoy in 500 Words the Book, again a working title.

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