Quest For A Cold Noodle House

Finding a place to live is an all day affair. It has been so long since we had to look for a place to live that I forgot how much of a pain in the ass it is. Run here. Run there. Ask questions. Get answers. And at the end of the day, nothing but waiting.

Ah well.

While we wait and look and wait some more, I cooked. Upsold ramen for the children and cold noodles and veggies for the children. Upsold ramen is nothing more than a package of ramen with mushrooms, ham, green onion, and whatever veggies I have cutup. In this case some broccoli and bell pepper. Nothing overly complex or special, but the kids (and a lot of adults) think they are getting something different. Plus, with enough vegetables and ham the ramen becomes filling.

Cold noodles is a favorite of mine. Cook some udon noodles, shock them, and serve with some sauce and veggies. Depending upon my mood the sauce can range from untampered soy to full on set my face on fire sauce. Right now I am leaning towards something sweet with heat, something like…

  • soy
  • sugar
  • thai red chilis
  • a small amount of gochujang
  • honey
  • and maybe a garlic clove minced and cooked until fragrant

That sounds good to me. It helps that I know what each of those flavors tastes like; delicious. 🙂

Home hunting and food out of the way, my time is spent on editing (you read about that yesterday) and putting together all of the pieces to Krosmaster Quest. So many cardboard constructs to put together. I haven’t had this much construction that I want to do since an Imperial Guard army from Warhammer 40k. Trees, bushes, boxes, marketplaces, and more. So much stuff packed in the box that the gamer in my almost fainted. Then the builder in me almost stroked out figuring out what to build.

QuestKrosmaster Arena gets played a lot, the chief limitation being, who wants to beat on whom. Sometimes we aren’t in the mood to beat each other up. That is where Krosmaster Quest seems to fall, I am still reading the rules between bouts of building, but from what I have learned Quest can be a free-for-all or cooperative game. Unlike Arena where the goal is to be the last one standing, in Quest the goal is to be the first one to complete the quest.

Unlike Arena where characters start out with all of their spells, in Quests players have to gather resources to unlock spells. Equipment can be found and built to make your character stronger. Speaking of that each player has one Krosmaster. I have a lot more to read, but with a 2 to 5 or 6 player base…5 people can play Krosmasters and the 6th (me) can play the bad guy, I am excited that we may have another board game to play for a while.

For those wondering Quest is completely compatible with Arena and vice versa, no wasted figures. 🙂


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