Semi-Annual Robotech RPG Tactics Update & Rant

Who likes long stories without an end? Raise your hands. Come on. I know someone in the room does. Yes, you over there you silly fool and let me guess you would pay to hear that long story without an end?

If you guessed that silly fool was me, then you guessed right. If you too are a silly fool I will hazard a guess that you too paid good money to Palladium Games for the abysmal Robotech RPG Tactics and you are (check all that apply)…

  • waiting patiently for the rest of your order
  • forgot about Robotech RPG Tactics
  • laughing at us silly fools because you knew better or got lucky and did not have the money to give away
  • praying for a refund
  • praying for news of Wave 2
  • praying for the death of Palladium Games
  • other (please fill in the blank)

Yes folks, its that time of the year again. That time of the year where I post information gathered by another individual who is way more dedicated to the task I am; ask why no one in the world seems to care that 1 million plus dollars was turned into plastic crap; no one in the world seems to care that customers-investors-suckers-or whatever they are called have no protection or rights on Kickstarter; and where I send out this message into the interwebs where I hope other people will see this and take heed.

Let’s start with the information gathered by another person, screen name Forar (thank you for gathering this information):

Speaking of which, let’s check on the big board!

Days since Wayne said he’d give us a full breakdown on the status of all the pieces: *308*
Days since the campaign was supposed to fully deliver: 863
Days since the campaign ended: 1,088

Days until the end of 2017: 600

Period of time since the campaign became overdue added to show some perspective on just how late things are. Not that being late is in and of itself unacceptable; that’s a more complicated matter of both the factor of how late we are (7 months taking 8 is vastly more acceptable than 7 months taking 36-48+), their lackluster communications (both in terms of frequency and substantial information), and in comparison to their own wave one time table, just to name a few points of contention.

As you can see a long time has passed since anything has happened. If this were any other business the consumers-investors-suckers-or whatever we are being called (be nice) would have gotten a refund from the company (cough, Palladium Books) eager to avoid all of the bad press, negative information, and demonstrate they really do care about their reputation and customers (most likely in that order). Alas, because this was a Kickstarter, Palladium Books is under no obligation to do anything even remotely nice and from what I can tell only has to continue to say that they are “doing stuff” to avoid any repercussions other than bad press (which they seem to care not about).

Why no one in power or with access to power or desiring to create a name for themselves (the press would love this story and all of the other stories of failed Kickstarters-seriously there is a press gold mine of failed Kickstarters where the customers-investors-suckers-or whatever we are called did not get our order, our money back, and have ZERO recourse) has taken on the issue of consumer protection and Kickstarter I do not know. I do know that I have

asked for a refund…been told “Nope, Kickstarter says we don’t have to and we won’t.”

asked for information…been told, nothing and their “Updates” are horrible. Seriously Palladium Books hire a PR person who knows how to write a press release and give information in a positive way or hell, who knows how to put words together in sentences.

asked for my protections from Kickstarter…been told, “As long as they (Palladium Books) makes a good faith effort…” What is good faith? Like the Cloud and Porn you know it when you see it but you cannot define it other than to say you saw it or in this case, some random “update” that prattles on about how awesome they are, how awesome it will be, and how they are doing awesome stuff, but because people were mean to them (read feedback and pissed off over the delays) they won’t say until they have something awesome, which they are working on.

Fuck all.

This has been your semi-regular Robotech RPG Tactics update.




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