Battleborn, Missing Season Pass & First Born DLC Resolution

Not that anyone from Gearbox, makers of Battleborn (and Borderlands) will read this, but I want to say thank you. We had an issue where our Season Pass and First Born DLC did not register in game. I entered the codes, got confirmation that I used the codes, but nothing in game. After doing some research I discovered (thankfully) that I was not alone in this issue. Solving the issue varied. Here is what I did:

  • I contacted Gearbox directly and filed a customer ticket.
  • I took a photo of my receipts showing that I purchased the Season Pass and First Born DLC.
  • I asked if they could do anything.

The response from Gearbox was to try a few things, such as contacting Microsoft to ensure the codes were registered by them, following a couple of “Did you try this links,” and some additional information if you did those things. This is what they wanted in return:

  • Gamer Tag (Xbox people, I have no idea what Playstation is called)
  • Shift Support ID (found under Battleborn options)
  • For the Season Pass, a screen shot of the Titles screen with your screen name visible, showing that the Season Pass Holder title is not available to you (i.e. not there)

I cannot promise that this will work for you, but it did for me. It helped that I have my receipts and that I took the preemptive step of sending a photo along instead of waiting for them to ask. The entire process from filing the complaint to resolution took around 3 hours.

While researching the problem some of the solutions ranged from anger at everyone (Microsoft, Gearbox, 2K, and people who may have nothing to do with situation) to 3 and 4 day solutions. There was nobody to get angry with and unless the representative you communicate is having a really bad day, the entire process was very professional and pleasant. Even better, Gearbox fixed the missing content while I was playing Battleborn. Imagine my surprise when I exited the match to find notifications for a bunch of stuff. If you imagined a happy me, you are correct.

So while Gearbox may never read this, I still say thank you. Battleborn is a blast to play and the customer service is top notch (unlike here). I went in expecting nothing and left with everything that was missing with a little effort on my end (two photos and a couple of emails). If you have the same issue, use the link and steps above and provided you have all of the necessary information they should be able to resolve your missing content to your satisfaction.

Back to Battleborning I have a ice monster to level up. 🙂



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