Krosmaster Quest, Second Adventure

Quest 1Even with the hiccups everyone wanted to play Quest today. While they slept I set up the board and table. The rules have everyone setting up the game, but honestly, it was easier and faster for me to setup the entire game. The only thing they had to do was pick their characters, color token, and play.

Learning a game is one of my favorite pastimes, after the fact. During the process I can’t stand learning and teaching a game to others. Rules get missed. A rule that is a confusing read will clear up during play or make even less sense. Players expect that I know all of the rules and I don’t. I often have to go back after a game and re-read the rules to clear up any in game issues or worse look up rules during the game.

Quest is designed for 2 to 5 players to play at the same time. Each player gets a turn to play the bad guys. No need for a single player to control all of the bad guys, unless you play with that specific mode. Control of the bad guy or Demon is passed at the end the player who was the demon turn. This makes for a very cooperative and interactive game.

Quest 3We did not do that. I wanted to make sure that the players and I knew the rules, thus I was the Demon player for the game. This gave them a sense of them versus me, which was not the intent and not the goal. The goal, other than learning the rules, was for them to complete the various quests, collect GeeGee and win. Things did not go that way…

Krosmaster characters begin the game with no spells other than punch. They collect resources, sell them, or kill off monsters to get kama (gold) to be able to purchase equipment, buy resources they don’t have or and this is important unlock spells. Until a spell is unlocked the only attack a Krosmaster has is punch, which is not a good attack. Players spent a lot of time punching.

This resulted in a few KO’s, a lot of running and hiding, and some chin scratching as they pondered how to eliminate my ever growing army of tofus. They tried equipment, which helped prolong their time on the field by increasing their lives. Eventually they started unlocking spells which had an immediate effect on the game, it got easier. Unlocking spells or at least one spell should be a priority because spells cost less and do more than any punch will ever do.

Quest 5A missed rule or a misplaced rule lead to a period where the players stayed in the City free from harm, but able to inflict damage on my tofus. To be clear, the City is a safe zone where the characters cannot be harmed and can do no harm. Combat has to happen outside of the city. Unfortunately, that rule was missed and a lot of tofus died needlessly and players advanced without merit. These things happen the first few times playing any game.

Few games from now everything will flow smoothly. Until then some bumps in the road, but Krosmaster Quest is a lot of fun to play, even with the bumps.




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