Kitchen Skills Essential


I believe that and I am teaching my children that. I am not some new age hippie all anti-microwave and prepackaged crap and down with fast food…oh wait I am…just not the new age hippie thing. The art and skill of cooking at home seems to have disappeared. During my five years in college I taught as many people how to cook as I taught how to use WordPress. That is a lot of people who were not taught now to cook for themselves or their families BEFORE they left home. That is sad and shocking.

I learned how to cook tacos, spaghetti, and shrimp before I left the house. None of these dishes are difficult; brown meat, add seasoning; boil water, add noodles; peel, devine, and cook in butter for a few minutes. I learned additional skills and dishes as I moved around. I admit there was a time when fast food and prepacked shit was my go to. I have no defense for those food choices I do have a large waistline and some bad health to show for it. Then I got back into cooking.

To prevent my children from the crap that is prepackaged food I have been teaching them how to cook and how to behave in the kitchen. This is some of my favorite time with them. Watching them turn something into something else is magical. Raw meat into…well just about anything is awesome. Today our boy watched ground pork go from raw pink to that light grey color of cooked pork and then a darker brown as some of the pork sat too long in the pan. He learned how cornstarch and water will thicken sauces. Even watched the thin sauce turn thick.

Beyond teaching them how to feed themselves and others (a valued skill when attempting to impress others), they have been learning without knowing, the skills of organization, time management, how to deal with emergencies, and following instructions. These are essential skills for life. I do not know why other than “budget” issue that cooking is not taught in schools as a mandatory series of classes. Imagine how much better off kids would be coming out of high school knowing how to cook a few meals, how to shop smart, how to organize more than just the ingredients, how to see the world in a different way because they worked with food.

Maybe fast food would not be the go to for so many people. Maybe people would be healthier. Maybe because of all of the home cooked meals families would be closer and happier.

Kitchen skills are essential. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Kitchen Skills Essential

  1. Agree! I can recall going to college with peers who couldn’t cook anything and bought everything ready made or in tins!!! I was lucky to have my own kitchen and made some delicious (and cheap) meals there.


    1. Ankoku1331

      During one of my stays at a college, I made my own kitchen in a dorm using a wok, microwave, and coffee maker. People appreciated a home cooked meal even with those tools. 🙂

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