Be Very Quiet, Hunting A House

Housing hunting. Not sure where the hunting part comes in, as the house do not move nor do they try to hide themselves. They are there. House hunting is much more satisfying and sad than apartment hunting. I have been apartment hunting enough that I know upon seeing the place if I will rent or not. I look for all of the damage and signs of life that apartment managers try to hide. Then I listen to the neighborhood from inside the place they are showing me and while standing outside as the manager blathers on about this or that. One apartment, at least in my experience, is like another and every apartment manager gives the same spiel.

House hunting is a different beast.

No two houses are the same. That is very obvious. Are the people still living there? If so, wandering around their home feels weird to me. Bordering on intrusive. I don’t know if I could have people wandering through my house, even if I wanted to sell it. The empty house we visited was easier to do as I did not feel like an invader. With signs of habitation I started noticing I was paying more attention to what was there instead of what the place looked like. An interesting observation. Why do they have that or did that in the kitchen, because I would do this or that. Totally not what I should have been doing and maybe that was the point. When I stopped paying attention to what was there I started noticing the condition of the place.

So many questions. With an apartment I am not responsible for the roof, plumbing, electrical, or so many other things. With a house, I will be. Better get those questions out of the way now to avoid any surprises. So many answers that lead to more questions and so on. Remember how I was complaining about the voice reminding me of homework and exams. I think the voice was telling me about house hunting.

Then the inevitable bank questions. Thankfully we took care of the bank first or at least took care of as much of the banking as we could before being told to go find a house. What an odd experience. With an apartment make sure to have a deposit and pass whatever entrance exam they have. With a house, apply for a loan, go look at a house, apply for the house, inspect the house, and so on…so much to do and most of it we haven’t even gotten to. Just house hunting.

And that is the sad thing, even if we find a house we qualify for and love, we still have more to go…

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