A Break From Quiet

You don’t realize how much you missed quiet days until you have one. At least that has been my experience today. Just about everyone is out of the house and for the first time in months I don’t have to do anything with anyone or deal with any issues of positive or negative nature that aren’t mine. My issues have revolved around staying cool inside a warm house, eating food that I want and making food that only I want, playing as much Xbox as my eyeballs can stand, editing, and reading what I want.

Not too bad.

No children to pester me to death or at least to annoyance.

No adults to pester me to death…okay that part is an exaggeration.

No nothing.

And it feels great.

I can’t even say I have been productive in any fashion other than I leveled my characters up a few times, ate some spicy food, edited a single page, drank some water, and turned on the dish washer a couple of times. Honestly, I don’t even know if there are dishes in there, I just turned it on because that is what I normally do during the day.

Soon enough everyone will return home. It will be refreshing after a day of silence. There is something to the noise of a home that is comforting, not that I will admit that to them. A day of silence or at least quiet is refreshing in the same way as a day trip out of town. The view is nice, I get some shopping done, but mostly I want to return home to tell everyone who wasn’t there what I saw. Today, people will tell me what they saw, as I didn’t do much of anything at all.

With my last few hours I will get back to reading and playing before I have to share my toys.


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