This Sums Up My Day

Sums Up My DayA gorgeous day to be outside or inside cooking and reading. I did both.

Two weeks post graduation and the little voice has receded to the tiniest of whispers I only hear when I have absolutely nothing going on. Absolutely nothing is a rarity.

We are making what feels like progress towards becoming functioning and “normal” members of society. Read, leaving campus housing. Time will tell.

Searching for a place to live that is not a place for students is time consuming and frustrating, but we are making progress in the form of crossing off places on our list. Hopefully something shakes loose from the housing tree soon.

Between people getting ready for business trips and people returning from business trips there has not been much of any tabletop gaming this week, which is unfortunate. Next week doesn’t look to be much better. On the plus side, I have spent a lot of time this week cooking for the coming and going. Always a pleasure of mine. Mongolian BBQ was my favorite meal of the week, as it was my first time cooking the dish and the results were much better than expected and much much better than any meal at Mongolian BBQ.

In a little while our boy is going to teach me how to make waffles. I don’t eat or cook breakfast. I can, not well, thus as our boy wanted chicken and waffles for dinner his responsibility is to teach me how to make waffles. Should be fun.

Get out and enjoy the weather if you are in the same state as me; who knows when it will turn.



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