40-Pounds of Spongebob

What an interesting day.

Barb left for her Pharmacy conference. I have no idea how long TSA took, but she was there in time for a three or two hour wait. Why such long lines or wait times, I have no clue and short of me traveling to Japan I don’t plan on ever finding out. I enjoy traveling on the ground where I can see things. And on occasion get lost.

There is nothing wrong with getting lost in my book unless…well even when I got in trouble getting lost I still had an interesting story to tell. Anyway with Barb on her way to learn how to count to 5 and 7 (pharmacy joke), I had some time to do some stuff before heading back home.

Time for a stop at the bookstore. Cherry Capital Comic Con is this weekend and comic books are on my mind. So was cheap science-fiction and sex…books. What I did not count on was how tired searching through graphic novels would make me. Not, in a physical sense, but in a “I don’t drink coffee and you want me to choose from the wall of coffees” way. So much to choose from and nothing fit what was in my head. No lie, I wanted a simple Avengers graphic novel or Captain America or Hulk or an X-men graphic novel with a story from my youth. Ugh…so much that made me feel like I needed to have graphic novels before and after the one I was looking at to make sense of what I was looking at. Or what would have really tickled my fancy would have been a graphic novel of Badger. Not the new Badger. The old Badger before someone without a sense of humor and understanding of Badger’s deeply disturbed psyche got a hold of him. No luck.

By the time I finished looking at graphic novels I needed a break from books…

Spongebob LegoAfter an obligatory stop at Toy’s R Us, where I found this (see photo) on sale and listened the cashier tell me how much she hated Spongebob…speaking of which, if you work at a toy store you should not bash the toys. It’s similar to working at a restaurant and telling the customers how much you hate the food. Ignoring her ignorant hatred of one of the best shows with a good social message, I headed down to Mama Lee’s because this house does not run without rice and soy.

I love shopping at Mama Lee’s. Walking in is a positive assault on the senses. So much food that can be turned into more food. Good smells from the kitchen and food on display. Listening to Mama Lee chat away in Korean with her customers and occasionally me, she forgets that my Korean is limited to…food. My list was short, but important and heavy. One giant container of soy, one oyster sauce, one rice wine, one rice vinegar, and a 40-pound bag of rice later I headed home.

At home, things got even more interesting, but I hope that is a good story for another day soon.


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