Signs of Life

Ever wake up and decide that you were going to take a break from life; ignore emails, phone calls, and the other pesky things that you do in a day that swipe a tiny portion of your time and soul with them each time? Not want to take a break, but going too. That was me this morning.

Yesterday had a longish and slightly stress inducing element that I thought would be repeated today, but could be put off in favor of doing something that I wanted that did not involve technological connected life as we currently know it. Now this may get stupid and not make a lot of sense, but follow along and ask questions later. Also, hold your applause until the end and keep all appendages you feel you want to keep inside the ride.

Battleborn_Deande_2_bmp_jpgcopyAfter taking the kids to school I play a few rounds of Battleborn while waiting for other people to go through their morning routine, such as coffee. This sets my day up, like when I used to play 18-holes of Wii golf; puts the right spin on the day. My plan, such as it was, included finishing up the lore for Deande, a character I enjoy immensely. To finish her lore meant playing Heliophage, the raid I have not even come close to finishing. Not solo, not with our boy, not with a group of five. Nada.

2941224-2k_battleborn_rendain_1The upside, I only had to damage Rendain, the big bad. I did not have to finish the mission. With that in mind, I set out to complete my life avoiding goal. First try, myself and a random. We get slaughtered in under five minutes. Second try, a group of five; all four of us die in the first :30 seconds, leaving the group with one shared life. This does not look good. Still, a chance to get to Rendain and start work on my goal. I don’t know what happened and I was there. We clicked as a group. Spare lives racked up as we mowed down the opposition, with five minutes left on the End of the Universe Timer we moved onto Rendain.

I understand if none of this makes sense, but trust me this is going somewhere. The final fight is actually a boss fight, then three boss fights, then a final boss fight. The furthest I have ever been is the start of the final boss fight, thus why should this be any different? Boss fight, down. Boss 2, down. Boss 3, down faster than Boss 1 and 2. Boss 4, slows to a crawl, but defeated. Final Boss, this goes very well until a series of deaths leaves the team with no spare lives, but Rendain is down to a sliver of health AND I completed my lore goal.

battleborn_alaniWorking with a Alani, a healing character, thinking we were the last two players left, we fought hard. Then Alani went down and on my way to rescue Alani I got air juggled out of the game with full health. I was pissed and stunned. Stunned and pissed I had to watch the timer countdown, positive we had lost right there at the very end…timer hits zero and the camera switches to a survivor who had been hiding the entire fight. Rendain jumped at the survivor, who blasted that last sliver of life away getting the team the win. WOOOO!

And that is what I took as a sign that I should stayed involved with life today. It was a good sign and we got some good news that could turn into some really awesome great news. Time will tell. Wasn’t that a good story and make sense?



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