I Dream Of A Writing Space

I have a dream of a writing space. Where I go to each day and write until I am content. This writing space is enclosed with a door that locks. The walls are decorated with things-pictures, posters, knick-knacks, and the like that I like, that inspire me, that are related to one writing project or another. This would be my sanctum sanatorium…is that the right word? 🙂

The door to my writing space will be plain and fit firmly into the frame, so when someone comes to bother me with something small and ultimately unimportant the door does not rattle each time they bang on the door. Speaking of which the door may be made out of steel to discourage banging on it at all. I’m seeing something with spikes or a really sticky contact cement, bang on my door at your own peril.

My writing desk will be like my clothing, lots of space to store things; pens, papers, files, knick-knacks, and whatever might strike my mood as needing to be stored in my desk. My desk would have a lock to keep my office supplies where they belong, in my office. A computer, not the current one I have, will sit in the center of the desk waiting for my fingers to caresses the keys. A wireless printer against the back wall with a basket to catch the reams of paper I will resume printing.

To ensure maximum efficiency and my maximum comfort a comfortable chair unlike any chair I have ever owned. Not to comfortable as I do not want to fall asleep or get easily distracted sitting and not to uncomfortable as I can sit writing for hours on end. Perhaps one of those balls that people sit on…I could see that…until I roll off the backside onto my ass. I will have to think about this.

Bookshelves to the ceiling round out my writing space. A bookcase just for my writing reference books. A bookcase for my reference books that are not about the language. A bookcase for all of the foreign languages and places I hope to visit, mostly Asian. A bookcase for the books that inspire me or are fun to read or naughty. 🙂

While I want the bookcases to be floor to ceiling the reality is that they will have space on top for more stuff. What kind of stuff? Why Lego creations and sets such as the scorpion I built or a dragon that glows-n-the-dark. Other bookcase toppers could include personal mementos, knick-knacks (I like that word), and fun stuff along with books that no longer fit on the overstuffed shelves.

Speaking of glow-n-the-dark, the ceiling will be covered in glow-n-the-dark stars. Enough stars to make reading and writing in the dark possible. Located under the printer or maybe to the left, a mini-fridge filled with beverages of my choice, to keep me hydrated during those hours of writing.

Its a dream of mine. I miss having a writing space where people did not bother me unless it was an emergency or I had been gone to long.



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