Time Travel…Oops, Time and Travel

Week three, post graduation and I am finally starting to feel like a person instead of a student. More of my time has been spent on person stuff than school stuff. A welcome change indeed. I no longer think about applying for financial aid, classes, or what I need to do for my degree. I may start thinking about that if I bear about my grad-school application. Four to six weeks used to be the standard response to any mailing or shipping question when I was younger. Now four to six weeks, hell days and in some cases hours seems glacially slow.

I applied online and online is instant, isn’t it? If not instant, at least faster than four to six weeks. Doesn’t help that a copy of my transcripts had to be sent via snail mail because…well I don’t know why an electronic copy couldn’t be sent. I know I would have authorized it, nope snail mail. So, maybe add one or two days to get my transcripts and change the time to three to seven days. Find a form acceptance or denial letter, email that to me and blamo, done in record or at least expected time. Four to six weeks indeed.

Of course this is nothing compared to the time it takes Barb to fly from Atlanta where she has been on a corporate training event to Grand Rapids. Removing the TSA from the equation she has to fly from Atlanta to Detroit and then Detroit to Grand Rapids. Totally flying time somewhere around six hours, take on TSA and she is looking at a 9 to 12 hour day. Just to get from one part of the country to another. Why not fly directly from Atlanta to Grand Rapids? I’m sure there is a reason, but is there a reason it should take 12-hours?

Maybe Amazon has spoiled me, I can get almost anything I want shipped to my door two-days later and if I lived in certain areas of the country one day or delivered by a drone to my door. Thus in my head we should have Amazon handle getting people and freight anywhere in the country. I know I would love to be assured that my loved one is packed safe and sound in an airplane with a smilie face, complete with tracking number. Individual tracking number that way I can see where my loved one has been and is doing…creepy, maybe, but try and tell me you never stalked a package of yours?

Plus with Amazon’s current practices you could order yourself something nice, an airplane ticket, and have both done in the same box or at least arrive at the same time. Hell, add that to the cost of Prime membership and I am all there; guaranteed anywhere in the country in two-days or less provided you are willing to drive to a fulfillment center or slap a “Person Delivery Label” on your forehead and wait for convenient local pick-up and delivery to the nearest fulfillment center where you will be packed, bundled with other deliveries to the same region and whisked away.

You listening Amazon? You changed the nature of shipping as we know it, now do it with travel or people boxes. 🙂


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