Yet Another Grand Adventure

“Want to hear a dirty joke?” our daughter asks from the back of the car.

Curious I say, “Yes.”

“Three pigs went in. Four came out.”

Silence, other than road noise.

“Get it? Four came out.”


Welcome the beginin of our annual grand adventure to Cherry Capital Comic Con or C4. A ribald start if I must say so. C4 is the comic con held in Traverse City and our favorite con out of all of the ones we have been to in Michigan. Why? Because C4 unlike the bigger cons is exactly that, not big. Small, crowded, and best of all personal. 

Upon arrival the children are assigned an adult. It goes loke this, our girl grabs my hand and we are off and running. Seriously, she seems to know where booths that appeal to her are before seeing them; a Radar O’Riley of comic cons if you will. First stop, just like every year the vinyl sticker booth. This is one of my favorite booths, they sell colorful anime styled stickers of just about any Marvel or DC character you can think of and she was thinking of Reaven from Teen Titans. I was thinking of Wolverine.

Next, any booth with Harlequin. Any and every booth. Picture, posters, cards, stickers, perler bead creations, and something I was told was cross-stitched. With some con experience under her belt she knew to look, plan, and then come back for her wants. This gave me time to look around for things I wanted, such as our annual purchse of a con poster. This year was Captain America themed or Force Awakens themed. Guess what was chosen…if you said Force Awakens you were correct.

Next on my list, fun stuff like yet another Spongebob poster. This time a variation of the Movie poster. Honestly, Kaylee found it for me. Eagerly tapping on my arm to get my attention away from the art I happened to be looking at. “I knew you would want this,” pointing at the poster. I squealed. Returning the favor, I found the My Little Pony artist booth and got him to autograph a comic book to her.

A few hours of wandering, shopping, looking, and meeting up to split apart later we left the con. Since we were up in Traverse City why nit wandering around downtown Traverse City. Here is why, too many damn tourists, a drunken wedding party on a bicycle powered drinking bus, too many tourist, hot out, and did I mention the tourists? Tired we came home.

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