Tired At The End Of Yet Another Grand Adventure

C4 1A big thank you to Shannon for providing a place near C4 to stay and for having a good time at her first con. 🙂 C4 as I sloppily wrote on my iPad yesterday was a lot of fun. Since we had three day passes we decided to stop in for some last pick-me-ups and enjoy the atmosphere before returning home.

C4 3C4 has a very personal feel, you can take the time to speak to the artist or seller. At other, larger cons, you can speak to an artist or seller, but the feeling that they have other customers to speak too is very prevalent. Throughout C4 we were able to flip through sample books, find what we wanted, speak to the artist or seller at length without too many hassles. There were several people in gigantic costumes this year; the costumes looked awesome, but were so large that they caused aisle blocks wherever they stood.

C4 4We took the time to make a couple new artist contacts and were rewarded with some nice signed posters, comic books, and game playmat. Hopefully, when we go to the larger Grand Rapids Cons in September and October they remember us or at least put on a good game face. 🙂 Shannon took a chance and had an artist create a custom Deadpool for her. None of us had done that before and it was cool to see; plus she got a memento that nobody else got.

Biggest problem this year, other than a lack of computer to bang out yesterday’s post, was the same as every year-how do we get posters and other easy to damage merchandise home? After the multi-bag approach of this year, I am thinking next year will be taking along poster tubes to pack rolled posters securely in.

C4 5Another great start to the summer comic con season for us. Due to circumstances September might be our next con, so it is good that this year’s C4 was so much fun. Right now I have to get back to unpacking and writing down how many frames we are going to need. See you tomorrow.


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