Yesterday’s Rice Today

40 pounds of rice puts quite the strain on a shoulder when you are trying to put it into storage containers. Don’t forget the step stool necessary to make me taller than the containers. Five containers later and the rice bag affectionately called, “Get the fuck out of my way” has been stored. We go through a lot of rice.

  • Rice for a wide variety of dishes, mostly Chinese
  • Rice for after school snack, works great with soy, butter, or whatever topping/sauce that the children can come up with
  • Rice for bentos
  • Rice for onagri (sp?)
  • Rice for sushi
  • Leftover rice for fried rice, this is a great way to use leftover meat and veggies and very filling
  • Leftover rice to eat alone or anything

I used to pick up 5 pound bags of rice when grocery shopping until I noticed they were disappearing almost as fast as they arrived. Then 10 pound bags, then 25 pound bags, and now our first 40 pound bag. My hope is 40 pounds lasts a month, but using roughly 12 cups of rice a week, I worry. I worry because there are no bags bigger than 40 and storing 40 pounds of rice took some serious work and a pulled shoulder.

Rice out of the way, my attention turned towards not bursting into flames when I stepped outside. No, I am not a vampire, sparkly or otherwise, I like to stay indoors for the winter and summer…hell, most of the time. Thus, I am pale. As much as like to stay indoors, I have to go outside and I get sunburns really easy. I never was one to get suntans, just go from white to lobster red. That trend has not changed with the passing years. Traveling around town, I thought if I had some butter perhaps I could get a nice golden brown and delicious color, but then I realized I would smell like burnt butter and be sticky to boot. Not gonna work.

Out and about consisted of a good long lunch with Paul where we caught up on the weekend events. Paul spent the weekend at Indy, while you know where we were at. If you do not read here and here. Suitably feed and conversated it was off to another errand and another errand. Finally, picking up the children from their last week of “not school,” what else do you call a last week made up from snow days where the kids do not have homework and tell you about all of the fun stuff they have done?

With the long weekend over, time to catch up on what day today really is. You know how that goes, a long weekend ends and you find yourself thinking the first day back is actually yesterday when in reality it is today and that throws off you sense of time and well being, and when go to check the TV, because the TV has always been your impartial calendar, you find that shows are on the wrong day and you get mad at the TV and not at yourself for not realizing that today is not yesterday and yesterday was really yesterday and worse of all yesterday you were on vacation. Damn.


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