But I Don’t Like Change

As you may have noticed, the theme and general layout have changed. The previous theme was looking crowded and I noticed some interesting traffic trends, mostly people were no longer visiting the pages. There is some damn interesting things in those pages and I want people to be able to find them easier.

With your needs in mind I picked the same theme (Lovecraft) I am using on my portfolio site. This looks cleaner, easier to read, easier to navigate, and on my iPad has the sidebar full of information, something the last theme did not have on my iPad. Is this perfect? No, but this looks like a good place to start.

Towards the goal of making things easier on you, the reader, and hopefully increasing the amount of time you bounce around-if you have not followed some of the suggested/related posts give it a try-I even find something I forgot I wrote (this blog has been active for a few years now with over 1200 posts), I am working on making the Pages easier to use.

Erotica is a popular page, but reading the various dropdown pages full of erotica is not. People would like finding the erotica to be easier, thus on the Erotica home page, is a link list with brief (read very brief) description of each story. Now readers can access all of the erotica without having to use the dropdown menu. As I add new erotica, the link list will expand, but that is down the road a bit.

Over the next few weeks each page will get the same treatment. The hardest page will the Games We Play page. I feel that page is probably the most useful in concept, one stop shopping to easily access any post about any of the games we play. Unfortunately, the page looks like crap. I may break that down into sub-pages with links to each sub-page. Something along the lines of a page for card games, board games, our favorite games, and so on. That might make the idea more viable than it currently is.

With time to write slowly returning to me there will be no changes to the daily post schedule. There will be new content added to each of the pages because that was my plan all along. More cross-promotion of my portfolio where I take favorites from here and edit them into something less rough drafty. Eventually, the human sexuality writing will return in a similar format to the erotica, a home page, no drop down menu, and direct links to pages keeping the material away from those who do not want to read it. I understand, again down the road.

Lastly, it has been a while since I said thank you to regular and non-regular readers. Thank you, I appreciate you stopping in and reading what I write. Now get out and have some fun.




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