Post, Chip, Dent, and Bush, A Memorium

This is a post about a post. A wooden bicycle post to be exact. Post stood his post guarding our porch and allowing the rare bike to rest against him for five years. Post was the one thing we knew we could count on to do its job every year no matter what the conditions. Post did his job well. We thought we would be saying our farewells to Post when we finally moved. One last pat on the top of Post’s post…

Post 1Alas, not to be. Yesterday, in the prime of his life as a post, Post was mercilessly cut down. The only warning, a buzzing sound followed by a plaintive hollow wood sound as Post hit the ground. Post was the one thing in this court that did his job without fail. Cement ashtray did not, cigarette butts still outnumber leaves on the ground. Weirdly placed bench did not either, nobody has ever sat on Weirdly Placed Bench.

Post did.

Each winter when the grounds crew inexplicably put students in the driver’s seat of snow plows Post was there to protect our porch as best he could. Post’s post kept the worst of the plowing from ending up on our porch and prevented the snow plow drivers from ramming into the side of our porch displacing it into the front yard.

Post 3This is Chip. Chip used to be a corner of second step of porch. Our first winter here, the snow plow racing down the court pushing a giant pile of snow crashed into second step, birthing Chip. As you can see Chip is quite large, he used to be much smaller, but each year another crash and another growth spurt for Chip.

Post 2This is Dent. Dent is not as old as Chip, three years old if I remember right. Dent was born when a snow plow hit second step, poor second step. Not convinced that the plow stopped for a reason the driver backed up and hit second step not once, not twice, but thrice birthing Dent. Dent has had a hard knock life, growing much faster than Chip.

Post 4This is Bush. I know Bush looks like a tree, but Bush…there used to be a bush where Bush is. Our first winter, a snow plow pushed bush from there over to there (I know you cannot see, but it is a far distance away). The grounds crew seeing the empty spot and trail of dirt decided to plant Bush. Except they did not tell anyone not to hit Bush. Very next day, snow plow hits Bush giving him his characteristic lean. Bush is a good egg (tree) as he has snow piled on top of him every year and he weathers the piling without complaint, just a little more lean the following year.

Post is gone. Shortly after I snapped the photo Post was taken away. I have no idea where, but I said my goodbyes and when we leave I will wish the porch well because without Post there for protection who knows where porch will end up.


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