If I Had A Super Power

It’s threatening rain today.

No idea if it will rain here.

Feels like it could and it would be nice to have some rain to make things green and wash away the dust and pollen coating everything. But like a lot of things over the past four weeks, I wait to find out because rain is out of my control.

Wait a sec…nope, no matter how much I concentrate the weather remains the same. Oh well.

I’d like it if I had the power to make things happen. Although, if that was my superpower I don’t know how I’d feel about that.

“So, tell me about your power again? You make things happen?”

“Yep. I think about it and it happens…most of the time.”

“What kind of things? Did you say, most of the time?”

“Yeah, sometimes I can think about rain and it does or think about getting a package in the mail and I do.”

“I see.”

Maybe that power isn’t all that after all. I will stick with my usual choice of live forever. Yes, I’d like to live forever. None of that die and be reborn with all or most of my memories intact stuff either. Just live forever. Able to travel, live life, and watch. Mostly, write about what I see and experience, if I know me. Like an ever living Anthony Bourdain.

No, it is not a flashy superpower or even particularly interesting in the bright color world of superheroes, but it feels right to me. I don’t need to regenerate, because knowing me, I would be self-encouraged to do stupid stuff requiring me to have to regenerate. I don’t need to fly or teleport or read minds: airplanes and helicopters, might miss something popping from one place to another, and who really wants to know what anyone is really thinking?

Super strong, out the window. I don’t need to lift anything heavy nor punch someone into another city or through a building. No super tech as I have a hard enough time operating my Windows Surface and iPad; really can’t see me with a super tech suit, “Where is the settings menu on this power suit again?”

Not interested in being super smart or having claws or blades or whatever weaponry extend from whatever part of my body. I will mention being able to cook well all of the time to go along with living forever would be a nice one-two super power combo. Nothing world-chefy about my super ability to cook, just enough for a cookbook or two and to never have to look at ingredients and wonder, “What should I do with this?”

I’m not saying living forever would be without its hassles, obviously people around me would die off and I would be sad. And watching fashions come back along with music I don’t like return would be a drag. But, I like to imagine at some point, preferably many points, I would find enough happiness to out way those setbacks.

P.S. Tried again, no rain.



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