Anthony Bourdain Said So

“From Okinawa?”


“Taco stuff on rice?”

“Anthony Bourdain said so on his show.”

Skeptical looks all around.

I will admit that taco meat, a heaping pile of cheese, topped with heaping pile of lettuce over a bed of white rice does not sound foreign in the least, but it was served up in Okinawa. Which makes it foreign and Asian to boot. Right?

Funny thing is I made this same dish for Barb as part of her bento rotation so I did not think anything of it. Not until my spirit guide Anthony Bourdain showed the same dish in another land. Talk about blow-my-mind. And here we are, I had leftover taco meat, a bunch of cheddar cheese, and three pound roast to do something with. In a mood to practice my knife skills, I sliced the roast into shoestring slices. Boy did that take a lot of patience not to cut it quick and easy. Emboldened with my success, I did the same to most of a head of lettuce. The steak went into a quick marinade of minced garlic, salt (very little), pepper, and soy for a couple of hours while the rice cooked.

Several beds of rice topped with taco meat, shoestring cut steak, cheddar cheese, and thinly sliced lettuce later and dinner is good to go. Small dishes with onion, avocado, and tomato as toppers and everyone is gleefully devouring their first Okinawan meal. Top that with some Sriracha and it was a damn good, but very familiar meal.

Meanwhile in another part of the house, bang, bang, rat-a-tat, bang…our girl is practicing her drum skills. Does she have a drum? No, but she has a collection of boxes, containers, water bottle (singular), and other percussion objects. Oh, and a mismatched pair of chop…sorry drumsticks.

She bangs a way for a while, then shows up with a flourish in the living room to announce some new skill or thing she discovered while practicing with her drum kit. I’m no expert, as I have no musical skill, but there have been a couple of endings with style that caught my attention. Not sure how long she will stick with the chop…drumsticks, but for now she’s doing okay.

Hopefully she doesn’t come home sporting a tattoo, odd hair, or clothing that says, “in a band.” Not for a few years at least. She just finished up a conversation with me about trying out several instruments. I said, why not. She gave me the WTF look and proceeded to explain how difficult it would be to switch from one to another during her concert. With a huff, she disappeared to practice more. Musicians…ugh 🙂



2 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain Said So

    1. Ankoku1331

      Messed up that I have to find the comment on the post to reply, but here I am. 🙂 I have two kids, thus drums and a trombone and a spaceshuttle will end up being background noise. 🙂

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