Falcon Grave Marker Insurance

Yet another day of our girl chasing down a bird…kinda. Pink and mint are not bird hunting colors nor is giggling the entire time while hop-lunging hunting behavior. The bird hopped a few feet each time she got within whatever range birds view as dangerous for little girls with plans for the bird. Our girl’s plan, to catch the bird…

  • do what? tie a string around it’s leg
  • why? so it can fly around the yard…
  • but? …the string will be long enough so the bird dookies in the neighbor’s yard
  • laughter and ignoring how she will train a wild bird
  • how will you catch the bird? with a net or I will grab it
  • birds have beaks. I will hold it upside down
  • what about a falcon instead?

And that is how I found myself teaching our girl about falcons, falconry, and how she has to start working out right now if she ever wants that falcon. Along the way I had to answer a few questions, such as what do they eat, can I eat what it hunts, and how strong should I get. But the gist of the story is that she should stop tormenting the local bird population by chasing them for a while. Or are they tormenting her by staying “just out of reach?”

Being a good parent, I offered to show her some videos on falconry. Unfortunately, being me I showed her this one

This may have been a mistake. Ignoring the dinosaur and Santa, she wanted to know what happened to the people on the motorbike. The question actually being could her falcon pick-up people and “take care” of them for her. I managed to avoid the whole Quagmire issue altogether.

In other news, while looking over home insurance I found an entry for Grave Marker replacement. Totally baffled why I or anyone other than someone running a graveyard out of their home would need this coverage I asked. The answer, pretty standard as part of home insurance and duh, covers the cost of grave markers purchased. They do not need to be in the home, just purchased. Not even a hint that they need to be in a graveyard or grave. Not bad. Gives me some fun ideas for lawn ornaments. 🙂

The same applies to renting a golf cart. I wonder if the Jackass crew has golf cart rental as part of their home insurance policy? Not saying I will go all Jackass in a golf cart, but it got me wondering. I have seen some pretty cool golf carts and the idea of riding around the neighborhood in one really appeals to me on those to lazy to check the mail days. Hop in the golf cart and drive down the driveway, stop, pick up the mail, and drive back. Should I hit a grave marker in the front yard or get hit by an errant falcon it will be covered as long as I rented the golf cart. Makes perfect sense to me.





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