Spicy Hot Marvel Munchkin

Well the rat hasn’t cooked yet. Totally not his fault. The fault lay with me and my lazy ass. I have a grocery list and I did not go grocery shopping. Oh well, it was a nice enough of a day I didn’t want to heat up the kitchen using the oven. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Instead of ratatouille, I whipped up a quick batch of sesame chicken and rice and dan dan meat and rice. Funny thing around here, when I am eating spicy food everything else served is also spicy. Dan dan is spicy. Smells spicy. Looks spicy…what does spicy look like, red pepper flakes everywhere. And best of all, tastes spicy. Sesame chicken is not spicy. Does smell spicy. Does not look spicy. And does not taste spicy unless I am eating spicy food. At which point everything is spicy to the kids.

My lips burn.

My tongue feels funny.

This rice is hot…yes it is because the rice just came out of the rice cooker…no spicy hot.

The rice tastes spicy? How is that possible?

Oh, I know, I am eating spicy food. You can tell because I am sweating and smiling at the same time. I only sweat and smile one other time and exercise is not it, although it could be thought of a sort of fun exercise. 🙂

I would love for the family to enjoy spicy food as much as I do, but that is not to be. A decade or so of giving the children red candy and food has soured them on anything spicy. Soured, is incorrect, fearful of anything red because red is spicy. I could have been a bad parent and not let me children try red hots, cinnamon candy, spicy Doritos, or any other food that is red and spicy, but I was a good parent and let them try every single stinking red food I happened to be eating. Unfortunately for them, most of those foods were spicy. At least I had the decency to film their reactions the first few times. 🙂

Food made and “spice burns” dealt with, the family sat down for a game Marvel Munchkin. If you are familiar with Munchkin then you are familiar with Marvel Munchkin. Replace the usual graphics with images of Marvel super-heroes and villains. The kids didn’t really gel with the standard Munchkin graphics, but Marvel caught their attention.

As with all first games, this one was rough with nobody “attacking” anyone at first and when they did it started a floodgate. Hurt feelings were kept to a minimum and fun was had.

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