On the Cusp of Adventure Seven

Gaming had taken a back seat to a lot of stuff. A lot of stupid stuff. Thankfully, gaming has resumed. Our Rise of the Runelords game picked up right where we left off, Adventure Deck 5. For Rise of the Runelords Adventure Deck 5 is where the power of the characters can does get out of proportion with the banes.

Monsters are easy to defeat with the skills, powers, and equipment accumulated by this point. Barriers are a slightly mixed bag, with most of the barriers falling easily. The difficult barriers are only due to wrong character encountering them, such as the strength and constitution based barbarian encountering the arcane based magical deathtrap of doom. In my defense, on three six-sided dice with a +3 bonus I should have been able to reach 12 at least once. I did not. My character suffered.

The rewards which once kept pace with our characters now seem less than rewardy and more like, “Oh, this again.” Having a class deck tossed in the box, has increased the variety of loot pulled, but much of the class deck loot is less than appealing to the players who are not related to that class. Such as, the +2 sword of slicing and dicing for the mage. Well, I didn’t want your stupid spell of infinite ultimate destruction in magenta either.

We burned through the first four scenarios in a few hours, nothing gave us any pause or reason to slow down. Explore, encounter, and move on. Bam, bam, bam,..hmmm. The fourth scenario with three villains slowed us down. Nothing was overly difficult other than none of us could close a location without some major assistance and three villains. Villains who had to be chased down and cornered. Difficult when there are three of them and they have places to run too because we cannot temporarily close a location.

Strange thing, even though the locations were Wisdom heavy to close the villains were arcane and combat heavy to defeat. Defeating each villain, multiple times was not the issue, getting them to cooperate and stop running was the issue. But we did.

Tonight or tomorrow should see the end of Adventure Deck 5 and if I remember correctly, Adventure Deck 6 is pretty quick once again due to the power of the characters. In a way, I hope that is the case, because I really want to try Adventure Deck 7 or as it is otherwise known, Wrath of the Righteous 4, 5, and 6.



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