My Hands Are Green

I have moved a lot. Other than every move is a clusterfuck at some point, the only other truism is, something always gets broken. Some of you may be wondering, are we moving because you did say packing and moving. The answer is yes and no. Yes, we have to move, but no we are not moving right now. I know, why?

Why are we not moving? Because despite our best efforts and for once in our lives having resources the bank is not cooperating. Everyone else is. I do mean everyone else. The bank however, is asking for the same thing over and over again and no matter what we give them, “That isn’t what we asked for.” But it is. Suffice to say Barb and I are at our wits and patients end.

A house we can pay for sits empty, we sit in a house we hate racking up rent, and the bank plays the fiddle is how it feels. And despite everyone telling or asking me not to pack, I have started to pack. My gut says pack. Make something happen. Stop waiting. I do not know if my packing will make the bank step up or not, but I am getting ready to move one way or another. And that means packing and reviewing of previously packed stuff.

I do not unpack, ever. I hope to unpack completely one day. I learned a long time ago, I could move or be moved at a moments notice. Which makes no place a permanent place in my head. Even though I have lived some places for 10-years or more, there is no place that is permanent in my head. I hope that changes soon. However, until then a lot of stuff remains packed. The packed stuff varies from place to place. This place has a lot of packed stuff, waiting for a move. Thus the review of packed stuff.

To get to the packed stuff, I have to go through many piles of stuff to be packed or thrown away. Yes, there are two ways for me pack. I either pack something for the move or I throw it away. There are some tears with each and every move. I make no apologies. I give explicit instructions on what to do with your stuff that you have to move. If you choose not to follow instructions, I am not at fault.

Today, I started the process. Into the basement I went and starred at the humongous pile in the corner. This pile started out organized five years ago and again two years ago. Between and since then, shit has been piled on top of and around the pile, such that it resembles less of a pile of boxes and more of an organic being attempting to devour the basement.

First thing that went sideways, sticking my hands into a box and pulling them out wet and green. I found the food coloring. Why was the food coloring in a box full of non-food stuff? I am going to guess that doing so seemed like a good idea. Until today. Two-hours of work, five bags of garbage, one giant box full of garbage, and two boxes of broken down boxes later and I can see the back wall of the basement.

I have no idea what is going to happen with the bank. I know that I am packing to move and move soon. Hopefully into a house and for a while.


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