Big Rapids, New York…Rent Seems To Say So

I enjoy spending my day driving from place to place with no real purpose other than checking off items on a list. With me in full-on move mode, time to get shit done, such as, if the bank is going to continue to screw around with our immediate future, I am going to find another way to get shit done. In this case, with no home on the horizon, time to find a place to live, even if for a little while until something better and more long term shakes free.

Off we went. Drop off paperwork. Have a very frustrating conversation on the phone with the bank, yet again. Seems the paperwork we were turning in, as requested, was too complex. Further, the agent had not read much of our paperwork nor seemed to understand that 10 and 25-year, really mean 10 and 25-years respectively. Oh, the glories of trying to purchase a house. And if you are wondering, yes you did read that right…

  • paperwork too complex
  • did not read all of our paperwork
  • did not understand 10 and 25-year as part of a title really does mean it is a 10 or 25-year thing

Be proud of me that I did not crash the car nor seek out this person to give them an education or two. Such as, instead of telling us what you asked for is not what you want as a default, you ask questions. I don’t know about other people, but we are more than happy to explain things. Witness how much explaining I have done so far. 🙂

Eventually, a new piece of paperwork was requested, with the understanding that a.) it would be the same damn thing we have sent all along and b.) “could” work. Not much of an understanding or compromise if you ask me and fully expecting the standard email response of “This IS what I asked for, but this IS NOT what I need.”

Keeping in mind the fuckery that is purchasing a home, we opted to have more than one backup plan. Number one, find a local apartment or house to rent. What a clusterfuck Big Rapids is. I understand this is a college town, which makes robbing college students of their money via real estate AOK.  That would be my guess, it is AOK after all, because $1000 for a one-bed room shared bath sounds good, doesn’t it? Seriously, Big Rapids is not New York or Los Angeles or even a crappy suburb, back alley of either of those (not even shitty alley where Batman’s parents get killed). The prices make me think someone thinks that or is a greedy SOB. Going to go with greedy SOBs with a captive audience.

Not willing to pay the kind of money they are asking for, time to look outside of town. Best option, not really, but it is what we got for now. Meanwhile, I continue to pack and toss. Going to need a new dumpster here. 🙂


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