The Walls Our Bear

I love that title.

Packing continues. Despite no signs of home progress I continue to pack. Perhaps this is more magical thinking of mine, in that, if I pack a home will come mindset. Similar to that movie about the guy who turned good farmland into a baseball field, if I make a baseball field, local people will starve…or something like that.

Perhaps this is my desire to get out of here put into action. Some action. Tired of being in the basement where I am essentially taking an inventory of items lost over the past five years of storage I moved to the living room to start packing. Part of moving has been to remove wall stickers. We had a lot of wall stickers. They gave our place its rather distinct character. You knew you were either in a large kid’s room or the people here were different; upon entering you were greeted by a cityscape and various Marvel characters fighting. Love wall stickers.

But they have to go. There isn’t saving wall stickers. Despite the “pull and reuse” label, our experience has been wall stickers tear when removing and rarely re-stick as well as they did the first time. Further, even for those that did not tear upon removal, there is no way to transport or store them. Thus, they served their purpose.

Any idea what part of a move I feel is the worst?

Not the start. Starting is easy. Keeping everything organized is a pain in the butt. Nothing I haven’t done many times before.

Not the move itself. Lots of lifting, but not much more than that.

Not the unpacking. That is the end or near the end, thus good.

The loss of personality.

There comes a time when enough stuff is packed away that it feels no longer like your place. Yet you are there surrounded by boxes. That is where we are headed, rather rapidly. With the stickers gone and all but a few pictures down from the walls, there isn’t much to look at anymore. Reminds me of what this place looked like when we moved in, only cleaner.

Our place, funny I am already thinking of this as the old place even though we are not moving and as far as I can tell have nowhere to move, had a lot of personality. The walls were covered in Marvel, Star Wars, Firefly, Spongebob, a smattering of DC, and lots of glow-in-the-dark stuff. The shelves packed with Legos, movies, books, and knick knacks, most of which had a story attached to them.

Now the walls our bare. The shelves empty other than stuff that needs a special box or a last minute, “put all of this stuff into a box” as we wrap up moving and head out the door. The personality is being packed up for a new place. Can’t wait. 🙂



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