Moving Censor Bars

13457655_10154146782471280_833131302_nHave you seen Wolf of Wall Street? Regardless of your feelings about the movie, what are you thoughts about it being shown on a regular cable channel? If you, like me, thought no way, there is too much for them to censor you would be correct, in that there was way too much for them to censor. Yet, they did. Someone (s) earned a lot of money putting censor bars, well everywhere, and muting the swearing. Between the boobies, asses, crotches, and swearing I am surprised they didn’t advertise it as a completely different movie in the vein of What’s Up Tiger Lily or an MST3K. There are entire scenes that should have been nothing but bouncing censor bars and long bouts of silence broken with the words “and,” “but,” or someone’s name.

In non-censor bar moving, other than the lack of personality in this house and the lack of information on where our home loan stands…how in the world this process really works is beyond me, as people only come to us when they want something from us, fuck that, we have children they do that enough, now how about some information…how do you know I am in full on move mode? (yes that really was one long sentence) All of the games start disappearing into boxes. And I start with the games we play regularly. I know, that sounds odd, but the surest way to convey “GETTING OUT!” is by taking all of the reasons you have to stay away from you. Once it dawns on everyone that there is nothing left to do here other than sleep and eat, suddenly the packing goes a lot faster.

Not saying I am happy with this in the least. I hate it. I would rather be comfortably ensconced in my lair working on 500 Words, Now with Editing (how does that strike you for a title?) or working with Big Man on some harebrained, but completely plausible game or cooking surrounded by my cookbooks and ingredients instead of all of these fucking boxes. If I had to choose a color that I despise, it would be box brown. If you have ever packed anything you know what color I am talking about.

Yet, here I am surrounded by boxes.

Well that was interesting. I just finished a phone call with the bank (do you think they are reading my blog as I type it or can hear my thought? Let’s try…GIVE US THIS HOME tomorrow…we’ll check back tomorrow). No, not the great news, but not horrible news either. Just another request for information. I want to feel requesting information is a good thing, but I can’t get my hopes up that high. Funny thing is I won’t be surprised either way. Yes, I will be elated or crushed, but I will not be surprised. This whole process has removed the element of surprise and replaced it will…I don’t know. Not nothingness, just resigned to ride the ride to the end, all the while doing what I can to get things moving, scrambling, and if necessary onto Plan B, C, D, or worse case scenario E.

And you thought this blog was all about games, food, and…well, life. 🙂


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