Long Day And No Boobies

“Boobies?” he asked picking up the Manga coloring book.

Flipping through a few pages.

“Nope,” setting it down and moving onto other books.

Welcome to our long day. Here are the highlights…

2.5 to 3 hours in the car one way. One child got ill feeling enough that we pulled off the road, where the child bolted from the car to stand among strawberries and hold onto their stomach until the ick passed. No barfing, but it did reinforce why we keep a puke bucket in the car and why from now on we will double check that the bucket AND lid is in the car at all times.

A visit with my grandparents that was both pleasant, culinary awesome, and slightly perplexing. The visit was pleasant because we hadn’t seen them in a while and wanted to visit. Culinarily awesome because we went to a Coney island. I know, Coney island, how is that culinarily awesome? Because in Big Rapids there is no Coney island and before anyone who lives here says, “But what about Crankers?” Crankers is a pale imitation of a restaurant, let alone a real Coney island. Nothing better than a gyro and fries from a Coney island. Barb and I pigged out on gyros. Slightly perplexing, because my grandparents did not seem to know that I had graduated.

.5 drive to Ann Arbor using backroads. Why backroads? Because every construction sign on the way indicated the two primary ways into Ann Arbor were closed. Guess what? NOPE. Unfortunately we did not learn that until we got into Ann Arbor.

In Ann Arbor we were quickly reminded why we will not be moving South; traffic, people, construction, and a general feeling of “not our place anymore.” Sad thing, other than a few new names everything looked the same, but being up here for five years got us enjoying the quieter life.

However, we were not in Ann Arbor for a trip down memory lane. We were there to visit with Chris (Big Man) and his wife while they are in state. We chose a bookstore because it was the only place we thought of during the quick make plans phase. Walking around the bookstore reconnecting, AWESOME! Unfortunately, the visit was too short for all involved, but there is time to plan a longer better visit.

Books in hand. Hugs goodbye. Feeling good about life for the first time in a few weeks we drove 2.5 to 3 hours home. On the way home, a phone call from the bank. Not a no. In fact, if the loan was a no, she would have told us. More of a “please be patient.” All of the paperwork is in play. The numbers add up. There is a snafu on some of the paperwork, but that should be corrected soon and “crossing fingers” everything else goes smoothly. Again, not a no. Thus, feeling better.

Finally home where I am telling you fine people about our long day and it isn’t even over yet. What’s for dinner?


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