Away We Go To Newaygo

Another day off. With no move in sight and only a “please be patient” on a home, I decided to take a day off from packing, which makes the family feel a bit better because I have already being accussed of packing “necessary stuff.” If it was necessary stuff I would not have been able to grab it and pack it would I? That’s right, it is their fault that “necessary stuff” has been packed. That and my energy creates energy theory, which seems to be paying off (yes, I know magical thinking) in we have talked to the bank every day.

Unlike yesterday where there were plans to visit specific people, today had no plan. Get up, get ready, and get going. Where? Newaygo. Newaygo is a small town about forty-five minutes from here. Newaygo, is either a tourist pit or a joy to walk around. When summer is in full swing, tourists clog the roads and the sidewalks making a pleasant day not so pleasant. Non-tourist season, which today was near the end of was nice.

We drove straight downtown, parked without hassle, and headed into the used bookstore. I love used bookstores. The more books the better. The mustier the better…kind of…there is a limit to the amount of must I want to be around. Bay Leaf Books in Newaygo is clean, spotless, and organized bookstore. So unlike many used bookstores. The prices are great and the selection is damn good. If I had the money, I would have come home with the complete Mission Earth series in hardcover. Say what you want about the author, the series is a fun read.

A few rounds of the bookstore, a small stack of books, and off we went in search of…downtown Newaygo is small and there is not a lot of stores to visit…food, which was two doors down, Newaygo Brewing Company. Sounds like a bar/beer place and it may have been, except for the sign advertising a Cuban Pizza. Cuban Pizza? I must stop. I used to stop in random restaurants to eat. Didn’t matter where I was or what the place was as long as it was not a chain restaurant. Then we moved to Big Rapids and that stopped. Now it has started again with Newaygo Brewing Company.

If you are in Newaygo and looking for awesome pizza, we had the Pulled Pork Pizza and Craft Your Own Pizza, you cannot go wrong. A comfortable atmosphere, helpful staff, good prices, and best of all excellent food. Two pizzas devoured in under 10 minutes. Yum!

Last stop in our tour of downtown Newaygo, Jerkies. Jerkies, makes and sells jerky. So many varieties. Jerkies is the one place our girl has to stop at and stop we did. A bag full of flavored beef sticks-maple, terriyaki, and BBQ to name a few. She was happier than a…pick a cliche that involves something and something that makes it happy. Munching on jerky all the way to the car…unfortunately a lot of bumps on the road and she wasn’t feeling so hot…but she kept the jerky down. 🙂


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