What’s In The Box?!

Happy Father’s Day.

I’m a father too.

But you knew that.

Even though this is a national holiday for all of us fathers, this father has spent his morning returning to the joyous wonder and surprise of packing up the basement. Is this how I want to spend the holiday? Not really, but my dream of being in a house today did not happen, which leaves packing. Have I ever mentioned how much I am not a surprise person? I should have, but probably didn’t knowing me.

Surprises is the name of the game in the basement. There was a large corner of the basement filled with boxes. The boxes have labels on them. Many labels. Think of it as box labeling graffiti there are so many labels and crossed out labels. A box could potentially hold anything from books, old papers, kitchen supplies, food to toys. I never know…

Opening a box can be like Christmas, “Oh my, I have wanted that for a long time.” Like a reunion, “That’s where you have been. I’ve missed you.” Like getting clothing as a kid, “Oh…I love this.” Or like this, “What the fuck?”

Here is a series of highlights:

“I haven’t seen this computer in forever. Why did I pack a computer that no longer works away in a box with papers. What are these papers? Who uses checks anymore? Oh how quaint, checkbooks. I wonder what these will sell for on ebay?”

“Stuffed animals?”

“More stuffed animals?”

“A box of books? No, a box of children’s school books from…well damn, they won’t be going into 1st grade again.”

“Playboys? Wow, I thought I got rid of all of these before the move. I wonder why I kept these. Yep, there are boobies. Airbrushed boobies. Who are these women? Oh well, stack off to the side. What else is in here? Spongebob coloring book, that’s where that went. NASA stuff, that’s Barb’s. She’ll be happy to see that.”

“Legos. That would make four paper boxes of  Legos. Crap.”

“I should make a stack of boxes to go upstairs to go through carefully. Hmmm…books and papers. What are these papers again? Wow, old school work from everyone. Why? Were we going to take these tests again or start a test bank for gradeschoolers.”

“What’s this?” Pulling a wooden briefcase wedged between two stacks of boxes, “I remember when I got this years ago. What’s that smell. Oh…well it was a pleasant memory. Not so pleasant odor.”

“Puzzles? Why would we pack away puzzles. Oh, glow-in-the-dark skyline, cool. Another box of puzzles. Odd. Football figures under the puzzles? At least the box space was used.”

“CDRW’s. Holy crap! We haven’t had a computer that could use a CD for a long time. Why would I keep four stacks of them?” Flipping through them, “Wow, all of my old writing. Hot damn. Next, a computer that can read CDs.”

“A box of plugs and cords. Did I label any of them? Nope. I wonder what these were for and if we have any of them. Cool, my old PDA…maybe not so cool.”

“Who put a printer in a box of Legos?”



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