Lego, Not A Lego

Staging area four has been established. Two more staging areas and this move, when it happens, will be smooth as…well any move ever is, meaning there will six locations with boxes ready to go. That is the smooth part; pick up boxes, move to car/truck or whatever and transport them to wherever (this part if fucking frustrating) and move them into wherever, then back to here for more. The rest of the house will be a mess.

But there will be six areas filled with nothing but boxes. Poorly labeled boxes. I go through labeling phases where boxes are clearly labeled with room and contents and phases where the boxes are lucky to have a room or generic word about the contents.

Aside from establishing another area for boxes today was spent playing Lego, Not A Lego. What is Lego, Not A Lego? A “game” devised by a friend to get kids to pick up their rooms. Legos go in one box, not a Lego (anything NOT a Leg0) goes in another box. Except today was three paper boxes and one plastic tub. I planned on sorting everything on my own because I thought the kids would spend more time playing with Legos and Not A Legos than sorting.

I was wrong. Excited to have a giant pile of toys on the floor they dove in with both hands. I set up a 16x16x16 box for Legos and another for Not A Legos. Hours later, the giant pile was gone only bits of paper, odd puzzle pieces, and scraps of stuff remained on the living room floor. The Lego box had to be emptied a bit so I could close it. The Not A Lego box was 1/2 full and to be honest, other than the cars and army men I tossed in the box, I have no idea what is in there.

The Legos filled the box to the top, weighs a ton, and filled half another box. Sad thing, is there are more Legos to pack, once I get to them.


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