Trust Me, I’m Tired Of This Topic To (o) (wo)

Tired of reading about packing and a move that has not happened?

So am I.

Unfortunately, its all I got.

I can’t write about games, because they are all packed away. Except, Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game. Why not Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game, because I said here and here, if Fantasy Flight Games released something to go with WQACG (that is ugly looking), we would give the game another look. Thus, I wait for the trollslayer and witchhunter character packs to arrive in the mail. Making WQACG the sole board game to survive packing.

Don’t believe me? I did not open the Witch Character Pack for Pathfinder Adventure Card Game; straight into the fourth Pathfinder box (it took four boxes to pack up all of our Pathfinder Adventure Card Game stuff) from the post office.

I can’t write about cooking, not because everything is packed away (that is this weekend), but because I spent six to eight hours a day packing. Who has time to think about cooking after that? Not me, yet I am expected to whip up a meal. Screw that noise. Thus, dinners have been on the easy side of life and it is killing me. So while I get pissed that people around here expect a great dinner out of me after packing, I want to make it, just too tired.

Why tired? Stress of moving. Stress from the uncertainty of housing. Carrying around boxes-up and down stairs, out to the trash, and the general malaise that comes with unpacking boxes to repack them better or discover water damage, mold damage, crush damage, or time damage is getting to me. Tack on the stress of having to chase down people to get them to pack their stuff.

Yes, you read that right, I am the only person packing a house of four. Barb gets a pass while she is working. The kids do not get a pass. Everyone wants to move, but nobody is packing unless I, and I am irked that I have to say this, threaten to pack for them. At that point a box will get packed. Fear of me packing their stuff runs high around here.


So is it any wonder that I stay up late at night after everyone has gone to bed shooting the faces off of virtual enemies? No, it is not, if you know me. My stress relief comes in the form of Battleborn and Battlefield 4. Both of which allow me to vent off some of the stress you can surely read in today’s post. Be it AI controlled bad guys or some dickhead in the wrong uniform, blasting them makes me feel just a bit better. Then I go to sleep and get up a few hours later to start it all over.

Yes, I am tired of writing about packing and moving as much if not more than you are about reading it, but its all I got…well I do have some late night time shooting virtual enemies I have named….stress, stress, other stress, fu stress, and a nice number of pirate sounding names.


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