Yes, My Tank Did Go Backwards & Blow Yours Up

Hooray. No, not housing news other than we are stuck here for the next few weeks. Which means I am stopping packing and after this sentence ceasing writing about moving and packing for a while.

No, the hooray is because the Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game (WQACG) character packs arrived today. I have flipped through both of them, trollslayer and witch hunter, and like what I saw. For five dollars you get a complete character: 3 Hero Cards, 8 Action Cards, and 3 Gear cards in a really cool reusable plastic container. Personally, the trollslayer appeals to me more than the witch hunter, but I have always had a soft spot for redeemers and atoners than zealots…being honest, the mohawk is where it is at.

Next up, reviewing the rules and setting up a time to play. Before that vacuuming the floor, I made a huge mess dumping out boxes and really need to vacuum, the floor is crunchy and spikey. After the vacuuming, we play. This time there will be three adults and one child playing, not that I expect much will change because these are new characters, not a whole boxed set.

Until that time, I can get back to cooking, writing, and…well shit, can’t get back to gaming yet, but I can continue to play Battleborn and Battlefield 4. Battleborn has hit an interesting lull. I enjoy the game, but the need for additional single player content has never been more obvious to me in a game before. I have played through the story missions enough to no longer be surprised or challenged. I know where to be for each mission to make maximum value of my character. This is great for the team, but gets boring.

The multiplayer modes do not interest me. I have tried them. Instead of a variety of objective based modes as the designers intended I find myself stuck in a whacky and not satisfying player v player deathmatch game. If I want to shoot only at other players I will play games like that. I really want to enjoy the pvp modes in Battleborn, but most matches devolve into a variation of Call of Dooty. In Battleborn, the characters are not matched or suited for that kind of play, there are some characters who only have one function, eliminate other characters. See where I am going? I hope, Battleborn releases some single player missions soon.

Battlefield 4 on the other hand…if you are playing with or against me, I suggest that you do some research. I am horrible on foot. I admit this. I do not perform well on any of the matches where I do not have access to a tank. Oh sure, you have a tank how could you not do well, some of you are saying. Well, the other players in burning tanks can attest that tanks are not all that…unless you know what you are doing.

To the four players who tried to take out my tank with your four tanks. Learn what the tanks can do. I bet the player behind me did not know my Chinese tank could go in reverse and fire as fast as I did; blew his tank up with one well placed round while driving backwards. The other three…tanks can move, like mine did, behind yours: BOOM!


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