mice loD ‘ej nab lan chaH nIvbogh

You go to bed with a plan in mind and wake up to find the United Kingdom, for now, is a separate country once again. Just goes to show, the best laid plans of mice and men or something like that, which as always, is better in the original Klingon.

mice loD ‘ej nab lan chaH nIvbogh
-thank you translator and odd that Klingon uses mice for mice

I don’t have much to offer on the UK leaving the European Union, other than to add it to the growing list of historical events that happened during my lifetime. There are experts who have plenty to say about the immediate repercussions and the long-term repercussions of the peoples vote. I will posit, my wonderings on how this country will do in our pending elections; anger, fear, misinformation, lack of information, and an unwillingness to see the whole picture-short and long term-seem to be winning the day. If this continues I have a feeling Trump, who is playing to those angles will win and I wonder if there will be states voting to leave the United States. Just a wild thought.

Like I said, I had a plan. A good plan at that; take the children out for the day as a reward for all of their work and perseverance during this “move.*” While they have not packed a ton of their stuff, good thing too, they have helped me pack, take out the trash (currently 20 huge bags of garbage and unknown number of destroyed boxes), and around the house without complaint. They complained about packing their stuff, something about comparing packing to cleaning and they don’t like to clean their rooms. Whatever.

Because I like to reward good work, take them out for the day. Alas, mice loD ‘ej nab lan chaH nIvbogh happened. I did not know our girl had a breakfast of chocolate candy while I was showering, sleeping, and cleaning up the living room (not in that order). In fact, because I had not seen either child, I thought they were asleep when I woke them to go out for their reward day.

After paying some bills, into the car and that was where the wheels fell off the proverbial wagon. Halfway to our destination, our girl throws the iPad back to me, alarmed that an iPad was thrown at me from the backseat I turn around, to find her green, cheeks inflated, making the immediate and universal “going to blow chunks” hand gesture. Barb pulls over, window goes down, and before either of us can finish, “Don’t barf…” our girl blows chunks all over the outside of car and then herself when she sits back down totally unprepared for barf wave 2.

Taco BoyTurn around we did and straight to a car wash. The kids had not been in an automated car wash, so there is your silver lining for them, car wash. Totally not in the plan. A quick stop for some fast food, sorry Taco Boy maybe next time, and back home where the news continues to be “OH shit!” and “Could this be us next?” and “Don’t worry not all of your retirement fund has disappeared” and “Some celebrity did something totally and never important, but we feel we must tell you like it is important because our values and priorities are so out of whack.”

chaq SuQam qaStaHvIS poH Daj

-thank you again translator

* move is in quotes because while we must move, we haven’t moved yet…ugh


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