Convection Oven House

I lost my computer. I mean obviously I found my computer, but for a little bit there I could not find my computer. If you guessed packed away, you guessed wrong. If you guessed buried under a pile of boxes or crap, you guessed right. For your Nate Mental Image of the Day:

It is hot, pushing over 80 degrees in parts of the house. I do not have any of the windows open. Sunlight makes the rooms hotter and open windows allows the house fan to suck the hot air outside into the house. The house with three fans on, two of which are blowing on a pantless just out of the shower me, is like a convection oven. I am sitting in the middle of the clean living room. My freshly found computer is on top of a box labeled “bento stuff.” To my left is a wall of boxes half-way to ceiling taking up a quarter of the living room, staging area 4. To my right, a dinning room table and area with piles of stuff everywhere. Think of that side of the room as triage or where stuff waiting to get packed goes. Often stuff that isn’t enough to fill a box. Behind me, a couch covered in Krosmaster, no box big enough and I am loothe the pack another game given the unknown move out time, and bean bag chairs. The chairs are on the couch because they block fan air flow when on the floor. In front of me, empty bookcases. The walls are bare. The ceiling…well there has never been anything on the ceiling.

I’m sharing this because it is slightly funny to me. I thought and rightly so based on the glowing information the bank gave us that we would be moving right now, thus I packed up the house. Then the bank told us, there was a delay and here I am pantless sitting on the floor, typing on a box, surrounded by a house in boxes. If I didn’t find the funny I would be screaming my head off.

Forgetting to find the funny is bad. Thankfully, my children reminded me to find the funny. While packing I found my Spongebob DVD collection. The kids were overjoyed and so was I. A few episodes later and I started to see the funny in the situation. I have no idea if buying a house is like this for everyone, but for us this makes perfect sense…and while frustrating is funny.

Thus, when the bank person told us that they had to refile the paperwork because of a mistake on their end, I thought to myself, “yep, par for the course for us.” Watching Spongebob and finding the funny again has gone a long way to ensuring that while I may end up golden brown and delicious in my convection oven of a current home, I will have a smile on my face.


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