And PLOP Went The Sauce

Sometimes my version of comfort food is nothing I want to share with other people. Today was one of those days. Its not that the food is bad tasting. It just looks bad and is crap food. I don’t like sharing crap food with other people, yet there are times, such as today when crap comfort food is needed.

Waking up with a sinus headache will do that. Especially when the sun has been out all day without a cloud in sight. Come on sinuses, only cause me pain when there is rain! Alas, no rain, but there has been pain. Sinus headaches keep me at a low threshold for bullshit and motivation to work, but I planned to do one of those things.

Not feeling “it,” I hopped onto the google doc Big Man and I are working on. If I can’t write at home because my writing space is a box labeled Bento Stuff, perhaps I can write online. Kinda. I’m not used to google doc. Sure it looks like Word and yet it does not at the same time and sure as hell doesn’t behave like Word. So, a lot of my time was spent fumbling through the various controls looking for simple shit like how to change text color. Word has it right, a button.

Still not feeling “it,” but feeling better, I moved onto cleaning. The problem with cleaning while packing and not packing is there is a lot of stuff all over the place. Most of this stuff should be packed away, but for whatever reason has not. Probably because I stopped packing. The result is a huge mess that would not be a mess if I hadn’t started packing in the first place. I want this kitchen back. I’m tired of sub-standard dishes coming out of it. However, because we are “moving” I have not gone grocery shopping: move tip #335 try to wind down your food supply before any move, moving food is a pain in the ass, rarely travels well and is often the first thing to be forgotten about until you open up “that” box. Thus, our kitchen supplies are low, which only reinforces the sub-standard fare and my desire to clean up the kitchen to make some non-sub-standard fare.

Except, it took forever to clean up and all us got hungry. I didn’t want a sandwich I wanted comfort food. Comfort food for me is usually something hot. What could I make that I could heat up, not another bowl of hellbroth ramen…I found chicken strips. Better than nothing.

While the chicken fried, I worked on a spicy hot sauce, I did not measure because when making this kind of sauce for myself, I don’t and it would become an issue…

Into a small sauce pot:

Ketchup, about 1/3 cup

Cider Vinegar, 1 capful

Honey, 1 long squirt (yes that is a measurement around here and the amount depends upon your hand strength)

Brown Sugar, around 1 1/2 tablespoons

Dijon Mustard, 1 quick squeeze

Gochujang #3, 1 giant heaping spoonful, estimate 2 tablespoons worth

Cook and stir. Taste…something is off, not enough sweet to balance the vinegar and heat. Grab the brown sugar with every intention of pouring a small amount in, when a glacier sized chunk broke off from the bag and PLOP into the sauce. I am going to estimate around 1/2 a cup. I could have thrown out the sauce, but that is waste and I do not like to do that. Cook it up and…

a great desert BBQ sauce or for people who like thick sweet sauces. No trace of heat. Was it good, yes. Was it comfort food? It looked like a bowl of chicken chunks in blood, so yes from a visual standpoint, but from that HEAT aspect, not in the least…oh well…



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