Mysteries of Battleborn Lore & PvP

A crow flies overhead squawking.

A strange feeling that something is going to happen.

I want to find a copy of the original Ghostbusters for $5.

All signs, to me, that there is more to life than what is in front of me and what I am told. Yes, I am one of those people who believe in the mysterious, not everything, but enough strange things have happened around me that I have a healthy respect for that which I cannot see.

Why am I bringing this up? Because our boy, as the crow flew overhead, expressed that he knew what a crow meant. This lead to a long conversation on the meanings of signs and whether he believed or not. Personally, he is too young to believe, but he already has a healthy understanding of signs and personal experience with strange things happening around him.

Such as stopping at a store I hate to look for a cheap copy of Ghostbusters because I was in the mood. After pawing through a huge bin of movies turning around and seeing Ghostbusters on top of another bin, for $5. Strange things indeed.

Because life is not a straight line, I move onto Battleborn. Due to the nature of the character system, I needed to hop onto player versus player to attempt to complete a lore challenge. Let it be known, while I enjoy Battleborn, love the lore idea, I cannot stand Battleborn’s PvP. Not a single mode. Perhaps if all of the characters were balanced for PvP, but they are not. Not even close. This works great in story mode, where everyone gets a chance to shine. In PvP, some characters are only there to die…a lot.

This would be fine with me, because from time to time I can see the fun in playing a character you like, even if they are at a disadvantage. However, toss in the lore challenge system, where you complete X task to unlock one piece of a character’s lore. Unlock all of a character’s lore and get a cool piece of equipment. There are some lore challenges that have to be completed in PvP. That doesn’t sound too bad…

except when you must play and win on a certain map that never sees play time, in two hours of PvP, the map I needed almost got played once. That one time the server timed out and we got dumped into another map. Or when you have to kill X character X times, but that character is never played. But, what about private matches? Yes, you can play private matches, but nothing you do counts towards anything.

I could understand private matches did not count if you got anything like you do in Call of Dooty or Battlefield series as far as upgrades. In Battleborn you do not get anything cool like that. Oh well, they changed the matchmaking system today. Not that it will fix another glaring PvP issue.

Battleborn is not PvP in the assumed sense of kill all of the other players. It is PvP in the sense that there are two teams of players on objective filled maps. Yes, objective…kill this or protect this or escort that…killing other players is actually secondary to the overall objective. Is that how the game is played? Nope. Kill other players and screw the objectives unless the objective is in your way. I will give Battleborn this, the maps are interesting to look at, wander around in, and there is rarely a dull moment because even when the players aren’t trying to kill each other there are robots and other things doing their “thing.”

Still, it is frustrating to have to play in a mode that, I do not find that entertaining, to complete something that I do find entertaining. I am hoping that Battleborn adjusts the lore challenge system some how soon or my days of playing are going to go down.



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