Half-Dwarf Half-Halfling (Quarterling?), All Munchkin

Munchkin 1That was my Munchkin Quest character at one point during the game, a half-dwarf, half-halfling cleric who had been cursed and you can see the rest. Have you played any of the Munchkin card games? Did you like them? If yes to at least one of those questions, then odds are you will really like Munchkin Quest.

Munchkin Quest has all of the fun of Munchkin with the addition of a modular board, more interactivity between the players, and just looks cool on the tabletop.

Munchkin 3The objective is the same as the card game, reach level 10 through killing and looting monsters. However, after reaching level 10 reach the dungeon entrance and kill the boss of the dungeon, a fearsome level 20 monster. Where the card game and board game differ is the modular dungeon that is built throughout the game. Each turn, for most of the game, a new dungeon room is placed on the table, connected to one or more existing rooms. Expansion 6 & 6.5 of Munchkin card game are the closet analogy to the rooms in Quest. Each room has one or more effects on game play, such as increasing or decreasing the number of dice rolled to allowing players to sell or purchase cards. The rooms also have a lot of charm and flavor.

Some other differences from the card game:

Munchkin 4Combat is comparing the level of the monster plus any modifiers to the level of the character plus any modifiers and then the monster and player roll one or two six-sided dice. The dice add a level of uncertainty to combat or looked at from the other side, an additional element of planning. Players can assist or interfere the monster or player in combat per the card game, but where asking for a helper during the card game is a matter of asking, in Quest not only do you have to ask, but the player must be able to reach the room where combat is taking place.

Undefeated monsters stay on the board and after each player has taken a turn can move around the dungeon. The moving monsters can turn into opportunities for people looking for levels and treasure or a pain in the ass when a bunch of monsters cluster together on your character.

Munchkin 2Overall, Munchkin Quest plays in a similar manner to Munchkin card games. The higher level players get ganged-up on by lower level characters, nobody wants one person to win and yet…the final boss fight which is required to win the game saw a lot of allied play. Why? Because two people can win the game together if they beat the boss. Unfortunately, the boss is rarely alone or left unmodified. Losing to the boss results in losing a level or two, which forces the losers to go back into the dungeon to find a monster to kill to get lost levels back just to make another run at a new boss monster.

The first few games are slow as everyone gets the feel of the game, but fun. Highly recommended if you like Munchkin.


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