Troll Slayer & Witch Hunter

Happy holiday weekend, hopefully you are having a good weekend with friends and family. Ours has been good and with a few days to go, I am hoping for more. Aside from a road trip most of our time has NOT been spent packing, but playing games. Yesterday was Munchkin Quest and more Munchkin Pathfinder. A word about Munchkin Cats they are adorable. That is all.

Not so long ago, I ordered the Troll Slayer and Witch Hunter character packs for Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game (WQACG…ugly). My intention as stated in a post or two was to try WQACG again once additional material was released. When I wrote that my hope was that additional material would be more quests, monsters, and the like. Character packs were at the bottom of my list unless part of a larger pack. You take what you can, in this case two character packs.

Initial impressions on opening, about damn time. Both characters are fighters, the Troll Slayer, having the ability to engage enemies on all actions and fight on two. The Witch Hunter gets more from having actions exhausted, which is interesting to see. Most of the time you try to limit the number of actions exhausted to have more action options, the Witch Hunter excels when more than one action is exhausted.

Took a bit longer than planned to get a group together, but it happened. Our characters consisted of the Troll Slayer, Witch Hunter, Iron Breaker, and Bright Wizard. We started with A Foul Stench the first scenario of the campaign. Previous games ended in disaster, how would this game go?

Without a doubt the Troll Slayer and Witch Hunter made the game easier. Instead of monsters piling up as the Wayfarer failed to eliminate foes and the War Priest spent most of their time healing, the Troll Slayer eliminated most monsters with ease and engaged monsters to give other characters room to act. The Witch Hunter was very good at…well of the actions, especially when actions were exhausted, using bonuses from exhausted actions as bonuses to just about anything, which often eliminated a big monster or give the group enough explores to close a location.

Instead of a long slog, which demoralized the players, the game went by faster, more successes for the group and the knowledge that each character can do something. We beat the first scenario in record time (for us) and set up the second scenario after performing the campaign steps of improving our characters. Unfortunately, time was up for most people, but instead of packing away WQACG, I am packing up the cards for quick set up the next time we play. If nothing else, the Troll Slayer and Witch Hunter got us to play more than the first scenario and quit in frustration. If you enjoy WQACG, I highly recommend picking up the character packs.


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