Movie Day…Not Moving Day

Totally not in the mood to deal with humans in a face to face manor, I chose to watch some movies today while the kids did kid stuff, in this case Minecraft, or watch movies with me.

American Gangster didn’t hold their interest and why should it? Violence, drugs, and a quasi-okay way of telling a story which was later turned into New Jack City, a fine film by the way. They were not interested in any of it other than to ask why turkeys were being handed out. Suffice to say they stopped listening to me about five seconds into my explanation. Next time, stick with free turkeys handed out in major cities story. Like they will ever find out.

Jurassic World became a betting game. At the moment, I owe the boy a dollar and the girl refused to bet, instead cheering for the various dinosaur related carnage and booing when the humans other than Star Lord did something carnage related. Me, I am owed the most money, but I will be taking it in the form of packing boxes later. Why am I winning? Because I have seen Jurassic Park and who knows how many other monster movies. I know who is going to be eaten and who isn’t. For example, the boy was positive the children were going to get eaten. Maybe if I was the director, but not in these movies, the children are invulnerable…just screaming, running, and…well that is about all they are good for.

And I have seen the pre-cursor to this movie, Deep Blue Sea. In fact, had anyone in Jurassic World seen Deep Blue Sea they would know that genetically messing with predators is unnecessary, dangerous, and leads to plot complications that only children buy into…such as the cure for Alzheimer’s or…the plot of Jurassic World.

Suffice to say, the ending of Jurassic World was a tasty nod to the ending of Jurassic Park and one of the better scenes from Deep Blue Sea. Don’t believe me, spend some time watching the end of Jurassic Park and watch the clip and then tell me they didn’t borrow liberally. Oh well, nothing new since the romans or so it goes…better in Klingon.

pagh chu’ qaSchoH romans

-thank you once again translator and odd no Klingon for mice or romans

Now Stargate. I love Stargate. I have never watched any of the television shows or movies involving the television show. The original movie is one of my favorites. Our boy has a fascination with all things Egyptian. Make that ancient Egyptian. However, there is a limit; while he has an interest in mummies, he did not like the movie the Mummy. Perhaps it was the focus on the mummy and not the tomb of the mummy or the eyeball, tongue, and other body part removal…who knows with kids.

Stargate has a lot less body part removal and has more Egyptian looking things, so we try that. So far so good, he was very excited by the opening and while Kurt Russell isn’t doing anything for him, our boy is still watching.





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