Any Pen In A Storm

Tired of waiting. Uncertain about our immediate future in regards to where we will be living, I started writing again. I had put off writing while packing because in order to move out when we thought (we were told) we were going to move out I needed to focus on packing up a house. Not an easy task and not conducive to detailed writing. Thus I have been waiting for information and time to write.

And here we are. I have no information other than the information I already knew, which is:

it is a process…an archaic process in the modern age

it had moved to the next step

“any day now” we should hear something and it should be good information

unfortunately even after the good information, which is debatable at this time, there will be another period of “any day now”


Big Man and I after his visit here started collaborating on a project. This was the start of the writing bug. That bug, an itch to put words to paper (not screen for me), has been building and building. I have avoided that itch because I have been operating under the assumption (I know never assump) we would be moving shortly. Shortly means I do not have the time to devote to writing, at least the writing I want to do which is long term and detail oriented. Shortly, means I have time to bang out a blog a day, jot down some notes, and ignore that itch. Ignore no longer.


Last night tired of just about everything, I found an empty notebook not packed away. A bit more of searching and I found a pouch of pens. Old pens, not stuff I use to write anything other than notes for classes. Yet, any pen in a storm so the saying goes.

jev ghItlhwI’ vay’

thank you translator

Pen in hand, how my hand missed holding onto a pen. Like shaking hands with an old friend or…go with just about any sex related metaphor that comes to mind…I started writing. Nothing important at first, just a single sentence, but that sentence was the break in the damn. Sometime later, I stopped writing and looked upon my work.

Notes. Just notes. But each note had a sentence or two attached. The notes formed the beginning to a science-fiction setting with a character or two. Awesome. Plain awesome. I have not been that creative minded in a long time. Tired from time of day I went to sleep.

I woke motivated to write, but concerned. I plopped my butt down and elation. Still notes, but workable notes. Lots of them. And I continued to add to the notes fleshing out the setting and characters. I had a thought of turning the work into a game setting, but decided against it as the stories are making better and more interesting fiction. Hopefully, I continue to work on the notes.

At least I am starting to scratch that itch.


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