Plans, Puke…What Else Begins With P?


I like to make plans.

I am one of those type-something people.

What is the type-something who likes to make plans and watch them get blown out of the water and then scramble to make new plans? Whatever type-something that is, I am that one. Just don’t label me. 🙂

When you know that you will have multiple days in a row to do stuff, say your wife has three days off, what do you do? I know what we did, we made plans to do stuff. Nothing major, just some local fun stuff (local as defined by the pre-established fact that most things are an hour away in any direction). Stupid stuff to brighten our moods after yet another week of “please be patient with the process” while the university and rightly so has been “please get out soon.”

So we planned last night. Yesterday was supposed to be day one, but that quickly got blown out of the water as we had to reassure the university that we are going to leave and please don’t kick us out, deal with the bank…suffice to say that conversation went no where because “it’s a process”…take back bottles (normally our summer money, this time a pain in the ass because who wants to move $40 in cans, not us) and finally deal with some packing around here. On that end, PROGRESS multiple bags and boxes from the kids. WOOT WOOT…did I just write that? Maybe I am not dealing with the stress…crap.

Did I mention the university turned off the internet? Not our internet, but all internet to fix it. Awesome good for them and that was the other reason we wanted to get out and have some fun. Back to the plan: go to bed early, get up early, get ready, and go. How hard could it be?

Another stress induced nightmare has me up at 6 am. There is get up early and then there is that. I haven’t gotten up from a stress induced nightmare that early since college…fine around 60 days ago, but my point being I got up too early. However, since the internet was working at that time I did some internet stuff. And finally, I feel asleep on the couch…

…to be woken up by early wake up; i.e. 9:30am when everyone was supposed to wake up, but I was not awake. I did that already and was not ready for this second wake up. Showers start. I start to wake up. Then trouble begins. It was a subtle trouble, at first I thought the feeling in the air was my foul mood due to double early wake up, but it wasn’t.

Our girl came down from her shower first, but she took hers second…huh? Where was the boy? Call up to him, “Almost” “Be done in a second” “Blah blah” and so on until I Dad Voiced Him to come downstairs so we could get going (at this point the interwebs had been turned off). He shows up in the living room, turns paper white, and bolts for the bathroom where he pukes up everything.


Being a good dad and not wanting to waste the plans, I volunteer to stay home with the puking child, not something even remotely new to me, and everyone else go out. Some assurances that I don’t mind, I don’t other than the stank of puke (turned up the air fresheners) and everyone took off for what I hope has been a day of fun. Me, while the interwebs were out and between pukes, I wrote and slept.




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