Pokemon Go…es With Beer?

I like Pokémon. I have been playing Pokemon card and video games off and on since shortly after they came out. I will not profess instant be love with Pokemon. At the time I worked at Rider’s Hobby Shop when the Pokemon CCG (collectible card game) craze hit maximum. Couldn’t keep the cards in stock and couldn’t keep boxes of cards from being stolen or worse opened in store and then stolen when I wasn’t at the store (True story, I ordered three boxes, went home for the day, came back the next day to find all of the wrappers and common cards hidden behind a rock polisher. Why a rock polisher, because who other than me would have looked there?). Plus, at that time of my life I really didn’t get it.

Then I got Pokemon something or the other for the DS and began to see the appeal of hunting down and imprisoning cute digital animals in colorful balls to make them wage war for my amusement. When the ability to force them to mate to create new cute digital monsters to wage war with came along, I was more than hooked, I was a fan. I have Pokemon stickers and other merchandise in various locations of the house. I stopped playing the video games when my DS was appropriated by the kids, but I still play the card game…even if the children suck at it. 🙂

Now imagine how excited I was when Pokemon Go was released? Very excited is the answer. I have a fondness for games that try something new and I like the few games that have tried to use existing technology to interact with the environment. I can use my iPad camera to “see” Pokemon all around me, then capture them, then force them to wage war, how awesome is that?

VERY AWESOME, is the answer.

Count me among the however many people for whom the game does not work. I know, I know not optimized for iPads. Who stupid idea was that. Still I gave it a go and got through registration and several crashes. I wait. While I wait, I read about all of the stupid things people are doing while playing Pokemon Go and I will be honest, I didn’t think I would see those things around me until the new school year started.

I was wrong.

We like to go for walks, long walks, while waiting to move. Yes, a move is going to happen and soon. Yesterday we saw them, the Pokemon Goers; cellphones in front of their face, walking around aimlessly and then moving suddenly, like velociraptors-mentally challenged velociraptors. Watching one person trip and fall over the very obvious bush was funny enough and then…

…three women, three cellphones, and a case of beer. All three of them moving in a pack, obviously tracking down some Pokemon only their phone showed them. Watching them move about was weird enough on its own, but why the case of beer? Perhaps to lure rare Pokemon of the drunk type out of hiding? Perhaps to explains their erratic behavior away, “No, we are not hunting Pokemon. We are drinking and walking in public!” Perhaps to attract other Pokemon hunters for capture, battle, and mating. Who knows?

Here is what I do know, this will be a craze long enough that I will be on campus just to watch students, faces in cellphones hunting cute digital creatures ignoring the world around them. I will be watching the students on bikes and skateboards try to avoid them and most likely plow into a few and I will laugh.




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