Seeing the Sights And…

What a day.

First and foremost, who ordered the 90 degree and muggy as all get out weather? If it was you, please post why and an apology to everyone who did not enjoy their day in a bowl of soup as the reality lady said. Why did the reality lady say that, because we were at the house looking over the paint on windows and around the garage. Why were we looking at that, because it is a bone of contention with the loan. A small bone after seeing the problem, a half-day at most of applying paint and done.

That being said, there are other issues that continue to prevent us from obtaining the house of current dreams (my dream house is closer to sushi and noodle restaurants where I know the owners and they treat me as a welcome customer). I have no desire to go into the issues other than to say we spent the bulk of our day on the road.

If the loan drags out much longer we are moving into an apartment. We needed to find one and that was where we spent our day. Not afraid of a lot of road travel, unless children begin to puke (they did not) we headed off in two directions, one at time. Direction one, Reed City which is close to us and would allow the children to remain in their current school. Reed City has a couple of places, one of which caught our attention.

Direction two, Mount Pleasant. Mount Pleasant is much closer to Barb’s job. If I get into graduate school, Mount Pleasant is where the school is located. Other than that, Mount Pleasant doesn’t have much appeal to us. Oh, we love to visit, but really don’t want to live there–at least the kids and I don’t want to live there (Barb needs to be near her Target and Tim Horton’s and has been five years away). What Mount Pleasant has is a lot more places to look at and college kids, which is something we are hoping to get away from.

I don’t know what to day other than because we started looking now, we have a better idea where to go if the shit hits the fan AND we stayed out of the heat and muggy conditions; car with air conditioning for the win.

Our immediate future consists of either someone making a decision for us or in a few more days we make the decision that we would rather not make. At that decision point we do what we need to do, which hopefully is move into the house of our immediate dreams or into an apartment somewhere for a year and try again later.

Cross your fingers for the better outcome. I know we are.


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