Our Day In Photo

When life takes a dump on us, we wipe off the dump and find the best possible outcome. Today was a good sized dump. Cleaned, we went to lunch with good friend Paul Zube who put a smile on our faces and laughter in our hearts. Not willing to let the sunshine, cooler temps, and white clouds go to waste we wrapped up the last of the wiping and headed out of town.

A spur of the moment decision found us in Newaygo again instead of Grand Rapids. I can’t tell you why I decided mid-trip to detour to Newaygo, but I did and I am glad that I did. Bay Leaf Books never fails to put a smile on the face, but the real surprise was Fired Up Clay Arts Studio. Unfortunately for them they are going out of business. Fortunately for us and them I wandered in.

I have a fondness in my heart for local businesses going under and art. We spoke with one of the business owners and artists for about an hour. Color blind he painted broken masks with beautiful designs in black and white. He talked to us about art, he is an artist and I am a writer. We both marveled at the art that the other produced. At the end of our conversation, we left with a really nice selection of handcrafted art. Small moments like that put a smile on my face for a while. The business may be gone but the conversation will live on.

Hungry we hit Newaygo Brewing Company for four pizzas. I know I have written about Newaygo Brewing Company before and I stand by my assertation, best damn pizza in the region. We pigged out on a BBQ chicken pizza, BBQ pulled pork pizza, a four meat pizza, and a Mediterranean pizza. Not much better than sharing food with friends, thus we ended the day as we began it…after the huge dump.

Here are some photos from our day.

Newaygo 1 Newaygo 2 Newaygo 3 Newaygo 4 Newaygo 5 Newaygo 6 Newaygo 7 Newaygo 8


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