Up & Down or maybe Left & Right

I woke up feeling like the last time I got seriously punched in the head. Yes, there is a difference between punched in the head and seriously punched in the head; mostly the amount and duration of pain. This pain feels like seriously punched in the head. I only had to look out the window to see why. Clouds and the potential for rain. Why my sinuses are a very messed up rain detector I will never know. Please rain go away.

There were packing plans. If you are curious, plans to pack up Barb’s crafting materials starting with around 100 rolls of Duck Tape. I was not looking forward to that; if you think books are heavy, move a box full of Duck Tape. A similar experience and annoying, because I can’t read the Duck Tape. 🙂 Those plans went out the window with the headache or at least are out the window at this moment.

While I squinted at the world thru sinus headache eye (the other tried to be comforting by remaining closed to reduce the amount of incoming light), I read a good new email, that was followed up less than an hour later by a “well…not so fast” email. The good news was potentially actionable. The “well…not so fast” is not actionable. And that is where that ended for the day, up in the air.

Decided I would make lunch, hoping food would lessen the headache. The process of taking food orders did not improve the headache. And when all was said and done and after way more negotiation than I thought possible for lunch options of “I’m making hot dogs and fries or you can make a sandwich,” we ended up with hot dogs and fries. And I thought all was well in lunch land…

…until I woke from a nap. I needed a nap. The headache is smaller. The clouds and rain are still here. And sitting on a plate unloved, a hot dog. Why? Why ask for a hot dog if you are not going to eat it? I would ask, but I know the answer, “I don’t know” or “I forgot.”

Tired of being headachey and having gotten the dishes done; doing the dishes has me thinking I should pack the dishes. If the dishes are packed, I don’t have to clean them. Paper plates are perfectly acceptable to me for the time being and I have no issue with sporks. I will purchase sporks because they are fun, utilitarian, and like bendy straws the kids love them (so do I)…I decided to write and promptly got stuck.

My headache didn’t get me stuck, the act of naming and describing yet another thing got me stuck. What does that mean? If you said, Minecraft you are correct. Yep, another day of up/down and left/right. Soon enough I will put our cart back on track and we will go my path because I am sick of other people having final say so, especially if they are not going to take all of the relevant information.



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