Nuke The Site From Orbit

Progress is often marked in the tiniest of steps and that is why people tend to miss it. When you have been waiting for a while, I hesitate to say long time because I measure long time in years unlike other people, the tiny steps are what you look for and savor. We visited the house to take care of some exterior paint work that is required for loan completion. This is a tiny step; we visited the house, and we got to put some love and attention on the house. If the loan goes thru, excellent. If the loan does not, so be it at least we took that tiny step.

We also got to deal with wasps. Lots of wasps. I tend to have a live and let live attitude towards insect and spider life. If the wasps had just done their thong away from us and returned to the nest, I would have been fine with that. They did not. Not even close. For whatever reason we were very interesting to the wasps. After a certain point I went from live and let live to gonna take care of you later.

Prior to later was another day in paradise. Denied a large chunk of the painting due to poor wasp planning and determined to get something done, back into the basement I went. Box after box came upstairs to be piled on the living room floor. Previously basement trips had taken care of everything except boxes full of glassware. I hate boxes of glassware, something always gets broken and packing them is a pain. You need paper or something wrap the glassware up to keep them from breaking. It’s like how I imagined Crackerjacks being created, “put the toy in, that’s what they want. Now to preserve the toy dump this caramel popcorn on top of it, but only half-way, the popcorn needs crush space.”

The last ten boxes. Ten boxes from hell. Who packed an entire paper box of candles? I’m going to bet me and I paid for it when the stench of perfumed candles burst out of the box like a vengeful genie trapped for far to long. The living room, with box fan and house fan on stank like the perfume section in any department store exploded. A box of dishes on top of paperwork. Not newspaper, but old paperwork. All I can say is that I used to save anything even remotely “official” looking back in the dark days before electronic receipts and documentation.

With some help and a bunch of repacking the ten boxes turned into six boxes, four bags of trash, a bunch of wrecked paper boxes. At that point, hungry we sought out food and made our plans. You didn’t forget the wasps did you? We hadn’t. Obtaining our armaments from the local big box store we returned to the house to mount our attack.

I don’t know if wasps can feel surprise, but they look like they are panicking and look like they were panicking they did. A few minutes later the air reeked of our chemical warfare and the ground was littered with the dead. Tomorrow, weather permitting, we resume painting. Tiny steps.



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