I Am A Patient Man

I am a patient man.

Yes, I have a now or never attitude, but once you move past that, you will discover that I am a very patient man.

I waited two years to sleep with a woman.

I waited more than two years to finish a project.

I have a long term view towards things. I react up close, but really I am looking down the road.

That is why I don’t get overly bothered by this housing situation. At this moment for around 30 days we have a place to stay. We have a place to store our stuff for however long. We have resources and we have more than one plan and direction to go.

Up front, things do not look well for getting this house. At Barb’s current pay rate and hours (an important specification) we do not qualify for the loan we were told we most definitely qualify for both at this pay rate and hours and a much lower pay rate and even less hours.

That being said, in under 30 days Barb gets another pay raise and that should qualify us for the mortgage. Keep in mind this has been said before. But I am a patient man and I want this house for reasons that I can quantify and reasons I can only explain in metaphor and metaphysical terms (maybe a dirty limerick or two).

Being a patient man and a lifetime of scrambling with no resources has me in the mood to see how this plays out. While this plays out, I have moved onto other less desirable options, read find an apartment. Turns out option one, will not accept us. Any guesses why?

  • If you said criminal record, funny, but wrong.
  • If you said, not enough income, wrong.
  • Too much income. Strange our bank account doesn’t look that way, but here we have a reverse of the mortgage situation.

So onto other options. Steadily I will check each one out and off the list until I find a place for us to live for a while, I get this house, or I find another home that speaks to all us the way this one does.

It is a strange position to be in, I will give you that. We could have moved from here straight into an apartment, but we said “why the hell not?” Some of our best and worst decisions have been made from that statement. I cannot qualify this situation yet.

I trust my gut and my gut says while this is a majorly fucked up situation, it is not over nor beyond salvaging. Be that a different lender, a new pay rate, kind homeowners who let us rent until this gets sorted out, or some deus ex machina moment that has yet to reveal itself in the last act.

Sure the fat lady is warming up in the wings, but I am not done on stage yet, there is still some work and magic to perform. If David Copperfield can make stuff disappear and I can wait two years to sleep with a woman, what’s a few more weeks to me?




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