Taking A Deep Breath

If you read yesterday’s Morbidity and Mortality then you are aware that for the past 60 days (give or take a week or two) things have not gone as planned, desired, wanted, needed, or intended. They have for lack of a better term pulled a Thelma and Louise. Not all of the talking or music, just the driving off a cliff. Hope that made sense and for those of you who have not seen Thelma and Louise, SPOILER ALERT.

With that being said, what do you do?

Me, I jumped back into the game and immediately made a bunch of phone calls, internet searches and appointments, and have been making up for lost time. Not that you can make up for lost time, but you know what I mean…that’s right, better in the original Klingon.

chenmoH poH chIl

-thank you once again Klingon Translator

Today was another day of back in the game and getting out to see what yesterday’s work had wrought. Oh, a quick thank you to those who offered their condolences on the death of hope around here, not advice 🙂 , places to look, and were supportive. What I wrought was an insight into the real estate industry and a deep desire to either own property or to be the person who changes property industry.

However, by the end of my time out I found a couple of promising leads, a whole bunch of “oops we should have taken that listing down,” and most of all, paperwork. Paperwork to apply. Paperwork to qualify. Paperwork just to look. Yes, that last one is serious and was the longest paperwork I had ever seen.

I returned home to do what I should have yesterday, take a deep breath. Stop. Look around. Gather energy and then move about. So here I am taking a deep breath. In and out. In and out.



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