Let’s Play Catch Up

It has been a while, don’t count the days! Since I have had much to say about anything other than house blah blah disaster blah blah shit news blah blah. And while you would be correct in assuming that the house has dominated much of our time and mentalemotional state around here, you would be incorrect in assuming it occupied it all, thus in an effort to kick things into a new gear I will catch you up on a bunch of things that are of interest to me and that I used to write about, don’t count the days, before blah blah…

Robotech RPG Tactics

When I last left off nothing had happened. In the time between then and now….NOTHING HAS HAPPENED! One day, when I am an adult and capable of understanding these things, someone is going to have to explain to me in small words and stick figures how one shit kicker company out of Michigan (Palladium Books) and Kickstarter were allowed to take 1.1 MILLION dollars and no one is responsible for the mess that remains.


I broke down today, not that way, and went grocery shopping. I will be cooking, SOLAR VORTEX (if there is a POLAR VORTEX there needs to be a heat version) withstanding. I am looking forward to cranking out some lemon chicken and moo gai pan on the stove that refuses to cooperate one last time.

What happened to FU! Slowcooker? Like every other writing project (see below), put on hold until I have a writing space that is not a box of bento boxes. Speaking of bentos, I have received a request for bento boxes for the upcoming school year. So thinking of starting a local homemade lunch delivery business for school years…ah I dream.


While we have (screeching sound) I have been reading. I started with Dune. I have not read Dune. I thought I had, but pretty obvious I have not. So far, I am enjoying Dune. Not the best nor the worst. Something I have been enjoying, immensely, has been The Business of Death Omnibus by Trent Jamieson. The main character sends spirits onto the next phase, Death is on a holiday, and all hell breaks loose. Fun, fast moving, and emotionally moving in a couple of scenes, I highly recommend it.


Everything is on hold. Has been on hold since (screeching noise)…I have a notebook where I write down ideas for later and some things I am working on with a friend. People have sent me stuff to work on and that has been nice. But until I set up my office space, I am a writerless writer other than the blog (that is not a put down, just an observation that pre (screeching noise) I used to pump out 3 to 5k words a day).


Munchkin and inebriated games of Cards Against Humanity have been it, other than video games. That being said, once the move is completed we have Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn, Star Wars Rebellion, and a metric shit ton of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to play. Our Rise of the Runelords game was interrupted, there is Wrath of the Righteous to play, and soon Mummies Mask. Don’t get me started on the character decks packed away. I weep for the lost gaming time.

However, once the move is completed there will be LOTS of gaming. As a family we drooled over the Star Wars Rebellion board, pointing at the planets and recounting what we knew. And the pieces…tiny death stars what more do I need to say?

Wrap Up

Since (screeching noise) this blog has been occupied by a lot of (screeching noise). That is coming to an end (unless something goes seriously sideways). We are setting up for a lot of gaming, food, and writing. Please be patient and thank you for sticking through (screeching noise).






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